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The press has a lot to write about what Krf and Frp can win and lose, but also the liberals who are in the crisis for the polls need a very important victory in the new government declaration.

And one of them can be in the swamp.

Last year, the Høgre-Frp-Venstre government proposed to Storting to ban new bogs. In the left case the case is called a very important environmental writer.

In 2015, the impact of the mire and organic soil emissions climate was close to 2 million tonnes of CO2.

In the Granavollen negotiating room, Venstre seeks to ensure that the new multinational government also takes into account that climate protection should protect all ditches.

On the other hand, Krf is trying. Strong forces in the party are the opponents of such protection, given the farmers who want the soil to grow.

KrF meiner Venstre's desire to beat too many agriculture and municipalities. With the opposition of the Central Party, KrF is the only party on the civilian side under great pressure from farmers' organizations.


GOLD, SMOKING AND MYRA: While KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide has said the Central Party is a party that is KrF's favorite. Now he has to trust that the manager of Krf and chief negotiator, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, talks to the farmers, meeting left, right and Frp.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

– Myrvern has been a theme. This is an issue that we do not know and which we think is very important. Both left and foremost climates. The left is entirely dependent on the climate and the environment of the relay, but when it is said, myrvern is not the only proposal Venstre, which will be for greenhouse gas emissions, says the central boiler on the left.

Before the government began negotiations in the new year, the Liberal Party's internal rule adopted a list of these wishes.

Bragging under pressure

When Venstre arrived in Erna Solberg's government last January, Trine Skei Grande closed talks on a series of major left-wing victories: drug reform involving the inclusion of methadone in drug treatment and a pilot project with heroin therapy, liberalization of salsa treatment for alcohol, controlled. ending the production of fur and the point that Norway should increase the number of quota refugees received this year may receive asylum seekers.

The first three of these left-wing wagons are working at KrF to change the talks currently taking place in Gran. The latter, about refugees, is working to get things done.

In addition, as is well known, left and Krf smoking does not jeopardize most of the Biotechnology Scent and Abortion Law Section 2C.

– As all efforts are satisfied with KrF and Frp and that the parties have agreed, it is clear that the liberals are, to some extent, self-evident. But I'm sure we won't come out of this profile over the other three sides to use this expression, write another Anna left source NRK.

Partieriar Trine Skei Grande is also convinced that liberals will find a way out of the hangar.

– What are the conflicts between KRF and the Left?

– I think we will be able to find good solutions. The challenge now is to create a financially and economically balanced treatment, says NRK.

Have a focus

Government talks in Granadolden Gjæstgiveri in Hadeland have been going on since January 2 and are expected to end this week. Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) has said nothing concrete about the negotiations since its inception.

If the negotiating government platform receives support from the national government and parliamentary groups in these four parties, Solberg will join a few days after leaving for the Palace Square with Norway's first civilian government since 1985.

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