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Filmmaker's report "Fabeldyr: Grindelwald crimes": small-size transport stairs

GOLDEN: Porfentina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston) and Salmander Fisle (Eddie Redmayne) can not restore the magic of the previous movie.
GOLDEN: Porfentina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston) and Salmander Fisle (Eddie Redmayne) can not restore the magic of the previous movie. Photo: SFSTUDIOS


The Potter Films response to Galtvortek Press. Only with more steam than magic.



EVENTYR: Fabeldyr: Crude crime crimes
England / USA, 12 years old
MED: Eddie Redmane, Eddie Redmane Johnny Depp, Katherine Waterston, Zoë Kravitz
REGI: David Yates

J.K. Potter's film Rowling's expansion to "Fabeldyru and where to find it" won more than a successful start two years ago. Stylishly positioned in New York in 1920 with good and new personalities. The sequel opens up dark, charming and exciting pictures, resulting in awaited surprises.

But this is in the middle of J.K. The toy creature, an unusually ending and extremely small magic chaos.

Magicologist Salmand Fisle Eddie Redmayne is still working and thinking. Here he struggles with eye contact. So I'm glad that there is no strange creature, just cramping. Katherine Waterston makes Porpentina Goldstein a little less stressful and angry than the last. Jude law the new princess turns misty and rounded, but with a much smaller role than anyone will expect. Almost as little as we look at Johnny Dep and the title of Gellert Grindelwald.

Come with you? Rowling defends the choice of Johnny Depa in the movie

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Of course, this is due to the fact that the long story is wasted more than it really does, now that it lasts five films. Those who know their Rowling know that Grindelwald and Dumbledore met with the legendary duel in 1945.

Okay, while the activity continues in 1927.

Deps play the silky, pure-bred center of Grindelwald with platinum-colored hair, the shameless blush and the opposite of Marilyn Manson's contact lens. Less immediate evil than the later disaster of the universe, Voldemort. They make him no less frightening, especially if he argues with "bigger good" as a background of his rational behavior.

Many more well-known writers and sites from Potter University or the "magic world", which is the official term, seem to be much more favorable. Many of them do not need a magic literature bachelor to find joy. Greater magic ability to really set more than the price of a regular movie is probably an advantage.

curious: Check out the dice in the first movie, "Fabeldyr"

For example, "Fabeldyr 2" is crowded with people and fighting for the desire and / or many to explain and say. It may be that there will be a lot of sense when the series will be finished in 6-7 years (there are five films in the plan). At present, too much of a slow part of the transport phase seems too much.

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As David Yates's sixth film series is now up to two-digit numbers, it's obviously a durable effect and an effective cliff. But it still seems a bit tired of the edges, although the costumes are just as fresh as the last ones. Even James Newton Howard's music, which previously had some bright jazz edges, does not allow anything but good to be delivered.

The most interesting thing is to recognize the contours of the changed kernel. Harry Potter is no longer the center of the universe. Instead, it seems Rowling's great plan is to write the chronicle of the Album Humlesnurr himself.

Then, let's see if the next series of series will be restored as the next Gaultworth rector's bird fonix.

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