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Elkjop happily at home from the singles party: – was a strong campaign

This year, this was when Elkjop was launching a second day of sales, after they first unveiled the unconscionable purchase holiday with their rival Power last year.

According to Elkjop, the electronics chain was one
earnings growth of 32% over the weekend network compared to the same period last year. The sales made in stores increased by 20% compared to the usual Saturday.

"We are happy with the Singles Day with us this year
There is no doubt that the trading day is here, said marketing campaign leader Elkjop in Norway Christina Opsahl.

Place your ad before the trading day

Last week, on Wednesday, electric circuits come with a new and small advertising nut to remind
Chinese shopping day people. It seems to have worked.

"It is still a new selling day in Norway, so we became aware that we needed to have a strong campaign, although we succeeded," says Norwich Eckyop's marketing manager.
Kristina Opsahl, for the campaign.

In addition to revenue growth, 50% more customers used clicks and received the Singles Day campaign compared to last year.

The most popular products should have been
Televisions and phones from well-known brands Sony and Huawei. On the other hand, white goods became a clear winner, whose day of sale, on Sunday, was a strong selling rate on the network.

Alibaba hit records

Singles Day started as one
The celebration of the Unified Home Celebrations, set up by the University of Nanjing in China in 1993, is celebrated annually on November 11th. The date is chosen because it consists of four single digits that will represent one life. Worldwide is
This day of sale is already larger than the "Black Friday", which was also assisted by the Chinese online giant Alibaba, which gained a new record high this year.

China's e-commerce campaign processed $ 30 billion
Sunday "Singing Day".

Last year, Power and Elkjop's power chains criticized China's trading day. Both the Natural Protection Association and our future in our hands and Bellona responded to the introduction of the Norwegian Chain
new sales day for Norway.

– Here Elkjop and Power return to the future. Chains need to invest more than rent and repair, and less that people do not need goods. Among other things, the "Green Card 2050 Roadmap"
The trade organization Virke stands behind, the trade itself says it wants to invest a lot in leasing and repair years. We recommend Elkjop and Power to look at this roadmap, not to import another day, for example.
pushing consumption to new heights, said that in the autumn of last year, the campaign to guide the future in our hands Anja Bakken Riise.

Satisfied with one party:

"We are happy with the Singles Day with us this year, there is no doubt that
The trade day is here, said Marketing Manager Elkjop in Norway Kristina Opsahl.

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Go wind in the sails:

Elkjop significantly increased sales on the newly created trading day, Singles Day. In the picture you see
The commercial video of the El Giant slide show last week was released on Wednesday. Photo: Elkjøp

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