Wednesday , February 24 2021

Details directly: tuberculosis patient in isolated Haukeland

The patient in Haukeland University Hospital with contagious tuberculosis is isolated.

This person is likely to be infected abroad.

The Infection Office has described who has been contacted and is currently investigating the infection environment.

The communal care center also covers the infectious tract, Bergen municipality reports to the press.

"Every year, we have 10 to 20 people who are infected with tuberculosis and this is a contagious disease. But in this case, it's special that we are researching a little more environment than usual, because they have a larger network of contacts," said Kari Stidal Shistese, Permanent supervisory authority.

Those who will be examined for infection will be asked to check at Smittevern's office from one to three times in 12 weeks. Most people make blood tests, but some also have an X-ray of the lungs.

"We have conducted extensive surveys and are currently facing people at risk of infection. They receive the necessary information and an invitation to investigate in the Swedish Smittevern office, reports Kari Stidal Øystese, a distribution consultant.

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