Monday , October 3 2022

– Children must overcome murder plans


The arrested woman, who is under guardianship, has been at the center of the police since 2014. The investigation began after his widow died.

The police believe that he died after poisoning with a sleeping medicine.

Now a woman is sentenced to kill echoes and her father in 2002.

The father then submitted the death to the police as a criminal offense and the authority was not reproduced.

In 2017, the police opened the father's grave and opened the door – 15 years after his death. It showed that the cause of death was poisoning or drowning.

– Tired of the plan

The prosecutor believes that they have such a strong case that women should continue to decide on the detention of two murders. The woman himself says she is innocent and requires a complete outbreak.

On Monday, a nine-week trial begins, in which the police will be sentenced to more than three years in an investigation court. The police have used a secret agent to filter out the 43-year-old.

According to the Fædrelandsvennen, one of the central witnesses will be a woman at the end of the 20th century. In 2016 she will search
police with a sensational story. In 2002, when she was 13 years old, she needed to have dinner at a restaurant in Kristiansand with her father.

The accused woman was also at the table. She had to say she wanted to kill her father and that the Fædrelandsvennen said that he needed to talk about doping and sink him. A few months later, her 43 year old father died.

Waiting for my father to die

During the hearing, the witness said that the police had long wanted to tell her story, but she was threatened by her father's silence. She waited until her father died in 2016 before she would tell what she would have heard about the dinner table.

The arrested woman's lawyer, Olav Sylte, told TV 2 that he did not want to comment on witness information. However, he does not hide the fact that he does not agree that the witness should overcome the plans of murder.

– I do not want to consider the case beforehand. I will give my comments to the court and I will ask relevant questions to all witnesses, including this current witness, says Sylte.

A 43-year-old woman has said she does not want to explain to the court. She believes she is innocent. Attorney Sylte believes that the police can not prove that the two dead were killed. Even less, this is his client who is behind him.

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