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Busy on Stan's reading network

Stan Lee died on Monday, 95 years old. His live plant is still one of the greatest artistic expressions created over the past 100 years. Although his active role has become smaller over the years, Marvel's universe has been gaining ground. The film became more important than the old comics, but still has a lot of character from Stan Lee's imagination, humor and social conscience.

"Marvel University was a modern adventure that came to the journal every year on Tuesday," wrote colleague Reidar Spigseth on Twitter Twitter on Monday night. Marvel University was a modern adventure that taught young readers the right and wrong about racism, social inequality, abuse, abuse of power, tyranny, and a small social science magazine. The characters of Stan Lee are superheroes with a human face. They often have a complex privacy, but the fate of the world on their shoulders and the supercrafts as a burden is more than a blessing.

Today Stan Lee's world is more active than Walt Disney itself. One thing is that Disney was likely to be much less than his own universe than Stan Lee, but Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse look like fewer central characters in popular culture today than Spider-Man, Avenger, and Black Panther.

As the new and promising comic book author Stan Lee created "Fantastic Four" in 1961, it quickly followed features such as Spider-Man, Daredevil, Hulk and Iron Man. Well, we should mention that he had good help from such artists as Jack Currie, Bill Everett and Steve Ditko, when he founded the foundation for his life.

For Norway, these pages first came in 1968, alternating weeks with Spider, Demonen (Daredevil), De Fantastische Fire en Koloss (Hulk). There was a lot of competition for weekly money. Every week there were magazines from the competing DC (Detective Comics) universe, with Lynvingen, Supermann, Lynet and Superboy. From the moment it was Donald Duck, and we read Tempo (Europe's best comics). I do not know if Donald was to leave when there were even more super heroes to choose from when he was 10 years old. In any case, it lasted a long time since Marvel's pages disappeared within a year or two. Fortunately, it's enough to continue in the Demon. Luckily, Marvels began the new century to free all his Essential series with the dimensions of the phone book, which allowed them to recover their lost ones.

With the ceasefire in Norway in 1968, Marvel somewhat disappeared from my world, even though they returned to the local book shelves in the 1970s and were always present for the new generation of cartoonists. Have you grown up The idea that I am 50 years old, almost two times older now that my parents were at the same time, sitting in cinemas and enjoying themselves as the old Marvel's heroes, is absurd. But really enough.

It was an amazing time to get a miracle in the cinema. Only in 1986 Donald's parody, "Howard The Duck," which did not get Marvel's story, was only 1986. Films have recorded about $ 150 billion in cinema since the rebirth of the university, which began with Iron Man in 2008. This number does not include recent movies about Spider-Man, where Sony owns these rights. Most Marvel movies are brilliant, smart, and thoughtful. They are both wonderful fun and good, healthy life stories and how to live.

Those who do not understand it may ask less, but if these movies appear on your television screen with you, the evening will be saved if movies such as Ant-Man, Dr. Strange or Thor: Ragnarock must be in the program. And it's a bit cool to suppose that cinemas around the world are filled with people who followed Thor, Loke, Odin and Heimdall's latest adventures. I also do not think that hiring itself is the only explanation that players such as Robert Dauny Jr., Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Scarlett Johansson and Michael Fassbender re-wear impenetrable and colorful knitted sweaters to save the world.

I'm also particularly weak for The Guardians Of The Galaxy, later the invention in which Stan Lee was less involved with development.

The best film in Marvel's story is "Black Panther" from 2017, the film is based on a figure that debuted in a cartoon in 1966. Accidentally (probably) a group of citizens of the same name became aware a few months ago. At that time he was the first black superhero in the world. 50 years later, we still had nothing more than Black Panther, which gained huge influence with black designs, but also with strong women's marks. Not to mention the current prevalence of globalism, imperialism and xenophobia.

The fact that the 14-year-old son who was bottle-filled with the Marvel Universe was expected to be affected. That his 13-year-old sister who was not worried about any of these extensions was very impressed, said much more than an effect. The strange thing is that perhaps the very father most often moved, almost shakes, then.

In the Marvel film periodical exhibition, Stan Lee was in a small guest role, which is rather insignificant to perform, but often with a little wisdom. Especially I like the TV series "Lucky Man" (seen at NRK in two seasons), where he sits in the London fantasy store Forbidden Planet and signs magazines. This could happen in reality!

It is said that Stan Lee has now made "comedy" performances for future Marvel films for many years with a distinctive future vision.

I fully understand that many will continue to think that Stan Lee and Marvel have just created a children's sweat in all these years. I continue to argue that his life became one of our most important cultural expressions.

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