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Blue against red in battle offer

NEW MANAGEMENT: It is not unexpected that Kjell Ingolf Ropstad took over the leadership of KrF. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB scanpix

SOLA (VG) Proposal for a new central board KrF had a delicate balance between the red and blue sides, many compromises wanted to lag behind. But in Tampere, Møre og Romsdal chose KrF to make a bid.

Despite the hard work of the nomination committee to recommend to the Central Council, most people would be happy with this national assembly Christian People's Party (KrF) drama-free.

– It's very long ago Møre og Romsdal has been represented, said Steinars Reiten, a regional parliamentarian.

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In this way, KrF's new red side will win the voters

He wanted the regional leader Randi Walderhaug Frisvoll, who was appointed as a central board member, to point out Karin Bjørhahaug from Trøndelag as he should be.

Although Frisvoll stood on the blue side during the fall of the dramatic road, Bjørkhaug was obviously on the red side. This is what triggers the reactions, and the central government elections became a vote between the red and blue candidates.

– I think Karina's voice and skills are needed in our central institutions. We need extensive work on team building. Karin can interact, said county leader Per Sverre Kvinlaug Agder, who was clearly on the blue side.

However, the bench proposal did not receive a majority. Just before noon At 11:30 it became clear that the National Assembly voted in favor of the nomination committee's recommendation with 152 votes for 27 votes.

It is KrF's new central board:

Blue Red: Per Sverre Kvinlaug, who was blue on Krf's choice, claimed that the red Bjørkhaug would be on the central board. Photo: Tore Kristiansen

Fear of blue fighting against blue

There is no voting procedure for the proposals in the CRF such as this one. Before the National Assembly chose to make Frisboll against Bjørkhaug, several of the Blue Party feared that if Frisvoll arrived at the central board, it would be at the expense of another blue candidate: Tove Welle Haugland (29) from Vest-Agder.

Haugende's defense speech was hosted by Sore og Fjordane and Tore Storehaug, a representative of the Parliament of Knut Arild Hareides, who would not have been a former party leader and had gone from red to blue at the last minute. He raised Haugende as young and talented.

– A shore shower should be provided

Steiner Reitens, Møre og Romsdal, MP and a man behind the bill, is not surprised at the defeat.

– We understood that there was a requirement for this national assembly to come. The whole national assembly has been trying to gather, said Reiten to VG.

He says he wanted to avoid politics and stressed that Møre og Romsdal KrF traditionally denied candidates from Trøndelag from where Bjørkhaug came.

– Since Møre og Romsdal, the permanent seat on the central board is nine years. We are the fourth largest county in Krf, both for members and for voices.

– KrF in such a vulnerable time, if it was not easier to turn to another blue?

– No, we tried to try to help the team rather than continue the disagreement, says Reiten.

He believes that the bidder against another blue candidate has helped him to further divide the party. Therefore, Møre og Romsdal KrF would rather compare it to one of its regions.

– Let's get a little roar on the county shore.

Ropstad is a new party leader

On Saturday, Krf has for the first time chosen the leadership of new parties since the long and agonizing internal dispute over last year's road elections, which ended with the government, as KrF took the government with conservatives, left and Frp in January.

Ropstad's plan for the party is that KrF will now raise Christian values ​​and set more difficult issues such as biotechnology and family policy. Under the leadership of the party, Ropstad, who stood before the party's blue party, accompanied Vice-President Olaug Bollestad. She also wanted to go to the government.

Ingelin Noresjø is elected second vice-president of the party. She becomes the party's red summit, saying she needs to keep the party's width.

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