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Blac Chyna claimed to be in Harvard, while Harvard rejects admission

YOUR DEVELOPMENT: Blac Chyba has written to the social media that she is working to become the best publisher of her own. Here she is an MTV VMA Award in New York in August 2018. Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP

According to TMZ sources, Black Chyna, in her senses, entered the Harvard Society's former student coffin when she shared her university course. The website says the enrollment letter is fake.

It was an online course in business analysis that Chyna apparently joined Harvard Business School. Course duration should be more than 40 hours in eight weeks. The letter of invitation addressed to Angela Baile, whom she invited, was published by TMZ after being received by Chynas.

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After the celebrity website model and reality, the celebrity said she was at the stage where she worked with marketing and growth:

– I want to highlight myself and my children. Research will help me adjust it to a few degrees.

Chef's mind

Later, Harvard's TMZ representative contacted Harvard Business School Online for no address letter to Angela White.

On Saturday, a celebrity website writes that one of the board members of Harvard Society for former students (the Graduate Council) claims that the case has determined their members' minds. They would have already contradicted the web offer, some of which claimed to be reputable.

When they read that Blac Chyna was accepted, it was a fall that caused the cup to flow. The source of TMZ says that a person has received a number of phones from people who requested the university to be able to register for online courses. These reactions would have required Harvard to make a statement.

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Offers received

TMZ has contacted Chyna but has not received any comments on the Hardvard proposal yet. Her representatives confirmed that they had received an offer from a person who offered to report to Chyna and take the whole course for her $ 3259, but said she did not accept the offer and decided to take the course instead. It also confirms the person who offers the offer after TMZ.

Chyna is her son King Cairo (6) with her former Tygu and her daughter Dream (2) with her ex Rob Kardashian. Kardashian and Chyna recently agreed on a care contract in which he could not continue to pay $ 20,000 a month for child support. Exes agrees to share doctor and school expenses with her daughter.

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