Monday , October 3 2022

After interest, Wall Street slightly decreased


On Thursday, the arrow pointed to Wall Street.

Dow Jones fell slightly by 0.04 percent to 26,191.08 points, while Nasdaq dropped 0.53 percent to 7,530.88 points.

The S & P 500 dropped by 10 points, or 0.35 percent to 2,803.15 points.

Between big and heavy Africa it reached 0.35 percent to $ 208.49, while Citigroup dropped 0.7 percent to $ 67.78.

General Electric, Google and Microsoft ended 0.87, 1.23 and 0.19 percent respectively.

In the drop-down list, we note Wynn Resorts, which ended with 13.13 percent after the CEO announced lower revenue from Macau's business.

Tripadvisor completed the day, rising 15.26 percent after the company reported better than in the third quarter. TripAdvisor reported adjusted earnings per share by 72 cents compared to the expected 24 cents.

The CBOE Instability Index, also known as the VIX Index or "Fear Index", rose 3.85 percent to 16.99.

US interest rates are rising at new interest rates

The US Central Bank today decided to keep its interest rate unchanged, but announced a gradual increase. The interest rate is maintained from 2 to 2.25 percent, but it is expected that a board meeting will be held in December, which will decide to terminate it.

Kyrre Aamdal, in the DNB Markets Update, said that it is an intermediary without a press conference and does not update its estimates and interest rate forecasts. Nor was any change expected in politics.

"Currently, the developments in the US economy are well in line with expectations of the Fed, and the market is rising by 20 basis points at a December meeting, which is equivalent to an increase of 80 percent. However, it can be argued that the real probability is almost 100 percent interest rate growth in December, Aamdal concludes.

Unemployment Claims

Seasonally adjusted US Department of Labor data show that last week's job seekers in the United States (jobseekers' requests) were the first time employed by 214,000.

Under the Marketwatch Consensus, there were 214,000 unemployment applications.

The four week intervals were 213 750 and were revised from 214 000.

The number of people who continued to receive unemployment benefits in the United States was 1623 million compared to 1,631 million, which was previously revised.

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