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Who should replace Steve Hansen? Check out all the black odds 1 NEWS NOW

With the 2018 Rugby season, only two games from completion, attention will quickly focus on the next 12 months, which could be the last year of Steve Hansen who was responsible for all black.

Of course, speculation is spectacular about what might possibly replace the World Cup coach, but fortunately the New Zealand Rugby has been blessed with many high-quality candidates to choose from.

Currently Coach: Crusaders

Why he will get it: Natural progress. Taking coaches in Canterbury, Baby Blacks and now also Crusaders for different titles, All Blacks work is the next natural step for a man who is known for his dignity as Razor. Thanks to his time in charge of the NZ U20, Robinson has already experienced the next generation of players and will have a major relationship with the next All Black Blacks Center.

Why he will not receive it: there is no international work experience. As we have seen with Steve Hansen and Sir Graham Henry in front of him, the NZR bosses prefer a candidate with knowledge of an international game. The club's success will be very small when it comes to being internationally responsible, and although Robertson seems to have a magic touch as a coach, this time all black jobs might be too soon.

Irish trainer Joe Schmidt
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Currently Coach: Ireland

Why he will get it: you can not deny that the highest level, Schmidt has shown that he is one of the best coaches on the planet. Kivu trainer has taken Ireland in the world ranking, just behind All Black Blacks, as well as providing first-country victory over New Zealand – no bad CV for someone who is also earned Richie McCaw approval.

Why he will not receive it: Despite his brilliant reputation in Europe, Schmidt has never been the biggest job in New Zealand. Help is hiding as an assistant trainer for both the Plent Bay and Auckland, but his perception of the lack of knowledge of Super Rugby's internal activity may prove to be an expensive barrier to Schmidt's chances.

Former Highlander trainer Jamie Joseph.
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Currently Practicing: Japan

Why it will be for him: Scots Robertson has only local experience, Joe Schmidt has only international experience – both are Jamie Joseph. Some of the glory of the traveling coach James Joseph crown is undoubtedly his time with the Highlanders, helping Aaron and Ben Smith's supporter of international growth. Joseph's Japan also gave Bloody Good Game to an inexperienced "All Black" party last month in Tokyo, and if this is a sort of performance, he can escape from the imaginary second hand, it will be frightening to see what he can do for melodic talent.

Why he will not get it: Despite his brilliant training CV, Joseph is considered a little over all black job outsider. Not only that, but he will also be perceived as an attractive offer to any European side and, as has recently become too clear, the New Zealand Rugby may have difficulty matching the lucrative deals that Joseph could get from elsewhere after the World Cup next year.

Ian Foster

Ian Foster
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Currently Coach: All Blacks (assistant coach)

Why he will get it: as we saw with Steve Hansen by Sir Graham Henry, promotion from within may turn out to be crazy in all black. Foster is familiar with how everything works in New Zealand, with a string of staffs and Waikato giving him a good base in the provincial play, as well as at the Super Rugby level.

Why he will not get it: be hard, Foster's record as the head coach is not instantaneous. One Super Rugby Finals with Bosses is all Foster is really proud of the top job, but all the other contenders for All Blacks will come to the table who enjoyed success elsewhere in their career.

Former headquarters coach Dave Rennie
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Currently trains: Glasgow Warriors

Why will he get it: just like Scott Robertson, Rennie has triumphantly at the Super Rugby level with Chiefs, and is also proud of the perfect record with the U20 Baby Blacks – with three straight World Cup wins. He moved from perennial underfunders to a real Super Rugby game winning the title in his first season before defending one year later. Renny has shown that he can galvanize half the direction he wants and needs to go, and he is well aware of his current role with Glasgow.

Why he will not get it: politics. If rumors were to be considered, the departure of Rennie from New Zealand's rugby was terrible. Moreover, the task itself is to ask Rennie to leave Glasgow when he seems to be getting the right results at the right time. Like Scott Robertson again, Dave Rennie might soon find work in black.

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