Tuesday , March 2 2021

Watch: Wayne Barnes could fight to control Ireland – all blacks – Eddie O & # 39; Sullivan

Former Irish trainer participated in Monday Night Rugby with Eir Sport

Eddie O & # 39; Sullivan believes that on Saturday Saturday, the Irish Judge against All Black – Wayne Barnes – will fight to control the game.

Eddie spoke Monday's rugby with Eir Sport in response to Johnny Sexton's commentary on referees tonight in the afternoon. Sexton wanted to emphasize that Ireland should have been aware of its discipline, since it had previously been a bad experience with Barnes.

"Our discipline, on the list of cases [that are important] "It's there," said Sexton.

"We went wrong on Wayne Barnes last year, so we want to look even more this week. We try to play with the letter of the law, but in some games for whatever reason, we have not gotten it.

"We really need to look at ourselves and see how we can be particularly cautious," Sexton concluded.

Eddie was a less conclusive form of Wayne Barnes' ability to handle the show this weekend.

"He has been a long time, but my experience with him is that if he gets very frantic, he usually loses control very easily and gets excited – I'm happy to calm him down. He can be very harsh in his conversations," Eddie said.

"If the game turns into a very fast take off, physical games – as it probably would be – I think that he could fight. He seems to lose his soul.

"He is very good law, he understands the law very well, because he is a commercial judge.

"I think that sometimes in some games, ironically, he gets a little tattered. He can be very loathsome – happy and very complicated. I think that this could be a problem on Saturday when the game opens, and it is very desperate and has a lot of physicality .

"If it has an advantage then – if there are a couple of late hits or something […] it would not be the best place he would be.

"Ireland is calling for news stating:" We know that he will punish us more than any other judge.

"This is the tactical work of Joe Schmidt."

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