Tuesday , May 30 2023

This year Victoria's Secret Show models will have a natural and very real hair


Thursday's (18/11/18) New York-based female lingerie extravaganza in December, and leading hairdresser Anthony Turner revealed that the girls involved will have sports styles that complement their unique faces.

Talking to PEOPLE, Turners said: "I think it's the most rebellious that the hair has ever been, and most of all we did it. We wanted it to feel very natural and very real. We do not try to do it. Instead, we play with each girl's hair structure and make them better than themselves. "

Turner wanted to change the style to "celebrate" the patterns of "individuality" as they wear their hair on the pedestal.

He added: "When I saw it, I said," Listen, you have the most models to look at, which I think you've ever had – let's get it with your hair. "So we keep the girls as they are and Celebrating them as individuals. "

The tuner discovered that the 22-year-old model Cheyenne Carty – going through the treadmill – was his inspiration to keep his look natural, rather than the "ball's roof" perfect hairstyles are used to see.

He said: "Chey Carty is a beautiful chicory hero, and instead of blasting it with extensions and making it va-vo voom, we take it just because she looks beautiful. We've often seen everyone underneath the bomb's roof, but we do not do this this time. "

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