Thursday , March 30 2023

The weather opens the hail, thunder, lightning


Dunedin is experiencing creeps, thunderstorms and lightning flashing, while some Otago and Southland areas have severe snow and rain warnings as the weather deteriorates in the south.

It is planned that a wide range of complicated heat supply will be held next week until Thursday, which will include low centers.

Metservice gives a powerful weather view of Fiordland and the coastal Otago.

"It is expected that the cold southern part will be observed from the southern southern island south of the south island until this afternoon until late Tuesday, thus wintering south of the southern island."

It is expected that snow levels will drop to 400 meters and 800 meters inland Southland, Central Otago and Clutha will accumulate considerably.

"This watch is an opportunity that snow accumulation can reach the warning amount for East Fiordland, Southern Lakes and inland Dunedin."

The clock is also created because the accumulation of rainstorms can reach the warning sum of the coastal Otago.

MetService meteorologist Andrew Jacob said that today's change in South America would be felt.

"A lot of cold and winter weather is to the south," he said.

"Tomorrow, Queenstown and Wanaka look like they'll get around 2 ° CC, which is cold at this time."

"It will be a cold and beautiful week."

During this period, it is expected that rains and even hail flashes will occur in most of the country, as more prolonged rainfall is in the eastern part of the southern island.

James warned that motorists in the Southern Islands should be on the lookout for road forecasts, such as Arthur's Pass, Porters Pass and Lindis Pass over the next few days.

The forest service warned of snowy Lindis Pass, Crown Range Road and Milford Road.

It is planned that the eastern part of the southern part of the snow is over 400-500 meters, and possibly also a large North Sahara above 1000 meters.

Central Center Forecasts Today:

Partly overcast. Shower available. Light wind High 21C, 13C

Mostly cloudy, showers or rain, then rain from evening. Northwest breezes High 21C, 10 ° C

Partly overcast. Shower or two in the afternoon. Northwest breezes High 21C, 12C

In the morning rain clearing magic wizards. The days are night. Fresh northwest. High 18C, 8C

Cloudy weather and showers. Rain and strong, cold south directions are heading for the evening. High 21C, 4C

Winds with rage are likely to be thunderstorms and hailstones. Cold, bright southwest from late morning. High 14C, 6C

Source: MetService

– Additional reports from NZME.

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