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The third sex tape spreads through social media, because Dylan Napa consults with lawyers


The third sex tape, possibly associated with bulldog, is distributed by Dylan Napa in social media, and claims that secret video clips were part of a private WhatsApp group with another 25 players.

The youngest Napa video appeared as a potentially harmful shot that appeared in two other star football players, and Dragon recruited Corey Norman and Wallabies star Kurtley Beale, who laughs when a person snorting white powder. It is not clear when it was filmed.

Napa and his manager Steve Gillis met with Sydney lawyers on Monday in a desperate offer to develop a strategy to stop the slow clear video leak in the public domain.

Dylan Napa celebrates the grand final victory of Sydney Roosters NRL in September.


Dylan Napa celebrates the grand final victory of Sydney Roosters NRL in September.

What's more and more like a vengeance porn situation, the younger Napa video probably shows that he is engaging in unanimous sex with a woman, referring to himself as "Big Papi" – the same word he hears to call himself in the first video.

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In the second Napa video released on Saturday, Queensland continues to strangely perform sexual acts while there are other shadow boxes of former team members.

The Sydney Morning Herald it is said that Napa's videos were published four to five years ago in a private WhatsApp group that was attended by other players.

Napa played in 121 games from Roosters from 2013 to 188, including last year's grand victory in the Melbourne storm before it was off-season to the Bulldogs. They have never publicly pronounced it, but for some time Roosters was concerned about Napa's free behavior.

Meanwhile, the Bulldogs are in the fetal position.

They just started angry sponsors and companions after the club's Mad Monday shenanigans, where players were photographed, News Corp, standing on the tables nude, singing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline.

Now, Executive Director Andrew Hill faces a new crisis, which is associated with a new signature that will be playing.

Napa has told Bulldogs, whom he knows was a video, but did not reveal a person's identity.

It is speculated that the former teammate is responsible for the release of video clips, although Napa has not approved it with Bulldogs.

One NRL fan is openly proud of his Facebook page for more video releases, but WhatsApp players are nervous about the possibility of publicly tearing off videos and images themselves.

Roosters says none of their current teams are involved in the scandal.

While Napa's lawyers have talked to the NSW police about this issue, no formal investigation has been launched.

In August last year, federal revenge porn laws were consolidated in Australia, which included unauthorized release of intimate images. Those found guilty of a criminal offense face a maximum sentence of seven years. According to NSW they have three years.

Although Napa, on the one hand, is a victim of a hidden plot to defeat his reputation, his complete foolishness in filming the first place could still see that the club or NRL had punished it.

According to the NRL Code of Conduct, players are prohibited from uploading or distributing "obscene or sexual" material in social media. What could limit any possible sanctions is that the audience who sees it is limited.

Napa's former Roosters teammate, Mitchell Pearce, was banned for eight games and fined $ 125,000 for his lousy drunken meeting on Australian day, where he joked about having sex with a poodle.

NRL suffered from Pearce because it was widespread throughout the world. Because he was not naked, it could be broadcast.

The three videos associated with Napa are so sexually explicit that they simply can't be displayed. This is a similar situation to that of former Parramatta star Norman, who was filmed in 2016 with unanimous sex with a woman.

In any case, the so-called "Big Papi Tapes" is another diversion to the field code that continues to emerge from one crisis to the next.

Many fans will say that nothing is visible here. It was unanimous. It was private. Anyone who posted a video on social media is a grubs. But we are not talking about "Big Papi" if he does not see his home video in the first place.

In the collective bargaining in 2017, the rugby league players' association claimed 29% of the total gaming revenue because it wanted to be a real "partner" in the game.

RLPA insisted that it purify the wrong behavior of players, because their actions would directly damage the back pockets.

We humbly pray to RLPA: how does it work for you?

A small part of the game 500 or so far no players received a note. Players accused of having sexually and physically attacked women by attacking cab drivers by banning licensed premises to fight are highlighted in bold.

On Monday, South Sydney's star Greg Inglis was placed in a good behavioral link, but escaped her conviction after being caught driving and speeding over the edge of Lithgow on the day Koori Knockout Dubbo on October 1st.

It turned out in the Court that Inglis had received a written reference from NRL Executive Director Todd Greenberg, something that destroyed other clubs who believed the aid had crossed the line.

Greenberg could not be contacted on Monday because he was still on holiday. ARL Chairman Peter Beattie had held the South Coast of South America, known as the "end of the world", where his code would end if players didn't start storing their mobile phones and other accessories in their pants.

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