Tuesday , March 21 2023

Tennis: John McEnroe's awkward interview with Roger Federer's Australian Open


American Tennis Legend John McEnroe has discovered another strange look at the Australian Open.

This time people didn't talk about short temperament, but his amusing games like an interviewer.

According to some viewers, McEnroe turned out to be drunk while interviewing Roger Federer after Swiss maestro victory at Denis Istomin 6-3 6-4 6-4 Open in the first round.

Leaving tennis was a great start to the poker interview rocking forward and backward, and during the conversation he spoke with enthusiasm.

"It's nice to see you too, John," said Federer, who some have interpreted as an easy look for his interviewer.

Some viewers got Twitter to express their concern.

Explaining McEnroe's behavior has never been easy, his slightly out-of-center appearance was probably due to a jetlag that just the same morning flew to Melbourne.

Talking to the channel's nine anchors Tony Jones before the night session, McEnroe talked about a long flight saying he was very grateful for the opportunity to cover this event.

"When you fly, it's much easier to be a commentator than a player … commenting that you need a couple of hours.

With the exception of McEnroe's armed weapons, fans also questioned why Aussie Open's favorite and fourfold big slam Jim Courier were not the ones who interviewed.

"Some strange questions. I miss Jim … or does he hold court trials this year?" one fan asked about social media.

"Return to Jim Courier!" wrote another.

Defending champion Federer is facing British Dan Evans next time.

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