Thursday , March 4 2021

South Africans were shocked to label their race at home

A South African couple who lived near Nelson was shocked to discover fake races, all of which are marked in red.

A couple who wants to remain anonymous have just sold their house in Richmond when they found the words "Sth African C *** s", painted in a light red on their driveway and on the last weekend.

"On Sunday morning, I woke up like a normal day and coffee with my dog ​​when I noticed that all the fences had a nozzle color and a walking box and a driveway," declared the owner of the men's home. Herald

A nightly incident has hit a couple who moved to New Zealand in 2016 to avoid racist attitudes.

"In South Africa, the race is quite broad and this is probably the main reason why we left," he said.

"We are never anything like this SA, and then you move to the first country in the world … now we are the victim of racism and vandalism for one of them. It's not very encouraging."

The man spent hours describing the adventure, and tried to remove the red words about his property.

He could not get racial distortions at the fence, and he was worried about replacing them if they were raised again, before the new homeowners move on next month.

"I do not want to pay twice for a fence."

However, he will replace it as soon as they leave.

The unfortuantely owner of the house could not get graffiti at the fence, and he was worried about replacing it if they were targeted again before moving. Photo / set
Unfortunately, the owner of the house could not get graffiti at the fence, and he was worried about replacing it if they were re-directed before re-moving. Photo / set

Neighbor, published on the Facebook community page Nelson Femepet, is looking for any incident advice to help her find the culprit.

One person said that it happened before noon. 10.30 when their daughter arrived home and saw it at that time. Nevertheless, the neighbor was convinced that it was not there at noon. 20.30 when they arrived home by themselves.

Another commented on his concern for a couple, saying, "I feel against the family that has happened with it, absolutely disgusting."

A good friend of the couple, who is also South Africa and lives near Hope, said the incident was badly damaged.

"People have just seen us as immigrants, they do not always understand how much we have been trying to make our children achieve a better future."

The couple reported an incident in the police. Police told Herald they are aware of the incident and are investigating.

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