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Richie McCaw thinks Joe Schmidt will love the gap at All Blacks


Richie McCaw, the former New Zealand Rugby Captain, believes Ireland's head coach Joe Schmidt would be happy to give all black jobs a chance if he would be considered to be in the role of next year's World Cup Rugby.

New Zealand rugby leader Steve Tew previously said that Schmidt is one of the titles that the NZR is considering in order to succeed the current coach, Steve Hansen, with the former Leinders boss "an agreement with the IRFU, which expires after the next year's World Cup rugby.

The association announced last month that, after November's international events, they would have had a much better idea of ​​Schmidt's intentions, but McCaw thinks that local New Zealand might be tempted to return home next year.

"There is no doubt that people admire what Joe has done with the Irish team," McCaw said.

"There is no doubt that he is a good coach, and at some point it would be great if he returns to use all the experience and knowledge he has gained and learned over the years to offer it to New Zealand.

"Regardless of whether he will return as a Superrugby coach in the first or straight away as the entire black trainer, I think that time will tell, but there is no doubt that he has done a pretty good job with Ireland.

"I think he's a kiwi, and he's probably happy about being out of it."

After having headed three of the six United Nations titles in Ireland since 2009 and won the first Grand Slam in Ireland, Schmidt will be bestowed a job, but McCaw insists that there are no candidates to take over twice the defending world champions, no matter what the end deal with Schmidt.

"If Steve is gradually falling, what people say, he can, but if he does, but of all the words you think you think of guys like Scott Robertson, who came back to the Crusaders, even John Plumtree, who is a coach Before going back to hurricanes with South African Super Rugby.

"You have a guy like James Joseph, who coached and coached with the Highlanders a lot, and then went to the Japanese coach. You had Joe Schmidt, Warren Gatland, all the guys who could potentially be eligible. Imagine if they all your name hat, then you're in pretty good shape to get the next one.

"Then you have a man like Ian Foster, the current All Black coach, and he could put his name in a hat, so you can work hard in trying to decipher what works properly, but that's a great condition because by that time, when he has been enough for us to be quite successful in making such good people available. "

IRFU Executive Director Philip Browne said the union hopes that after the World Cup, the Irish Rugby will retain Schmidt, but will be ready for life without New Zealand.

"He has done a fantastic job, and it's not just Joe, it's about the people he's gathered," Browne said last month to launch the IRFU Strategic Plan.

"This is a collective, and Joe is an important part of this collective and he is doing a fantastic job.

"At the end of the day David [Nucifora, performance director] is talking to Joe, but it's Joe who will figure out.

"The reality is that no one can be irreplaceable. That said, it would be good if Jay stays. Likewise, if he goes, we have to deal with it.

"The best way to prevent this is to make sure that we have an effective set of systems and processes.

"We can not depend on one person. Everyone can get by bus and you have to continue."

AIG Ambassador Richie McCaw spoke before All Blacks' visits to Ireland. On Saturday, November 17th, all black melodies will be held in Irelandth November 2018 AIG is a proud sponsor of the New Zealand Black Sponsor.

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