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Prince Harry’s speeches on climate change point to huge hypocrisy

The Duke of Sussex gave a passionate speech, but pointed to tremendous hypocrisy. Photo / delivered


“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me,” Scott Fitzgerald once said, and there is no more complete illustration of how his words are still true than to quickly play 1 cent thinking it’s “normal.” .

From London’s Mayfair streets to New York’s Upper East Side to Paris’s Avenue Montaigne when it comes to the homes of the rich, inclusions such as wellness studios, meditation rooms and spacious home multimedia rooms have become the bog standard.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Megan, joined this elite in July this year, when it was confirmed that they had purchased their first home (actually the first home ever owned by any of them) in the Montecito high-end neighborhood. Santa Barbara is filled with two saunas, a cinema, a games room, 13 bathrooms and a Japanese-style tea house.

They are, after all, rich and can easily afford such an expensive joint, given their recently rumored $ 130 million Netflix deal.

But Harry and Megan are not just wealthy; they are wealthy people who make up their post-royal brand as changers and thought leaders, and therefore the choice of the Duke of Sussex’s first home is particularly problematic.

The fact of the matter is that there is a gap between the size of the Grand Canyon between what the prince agrees to in building a career as a cause of climate change and how he lives.

This week, Harry went to the family’s now-famous beige couch for another video interview, this time to help run a new documentary streaming service, Water Bear. Speaking as an African park manager, the royalist called for action in words, saying, “For me, it’s about putting tasks behind a sentence … There are a lot of people who say it, but it’s about action.”

In recent years, tackling climate change and impending environmental disasters has become an increasingly royal concern, and the 36-year-old should be commended.

Given his condition, his troubled personal history, and the fact that he had already spent two terms on the war front, if a man wanted to lie on one of his precious sofas, working through Dan Brown’s work and drinking milkshakes forever, it would be well deserved.

And yet instead, he talked again and again about the global threat of climate change and last year teamed up with, Skyscanner and Visa to launch the ecotourism initiative Travley.

All this is his eternal merit. However, the huge, unresolved sticking point here is the mismatch between his words and his choices.

In March 2019, just two days before the climate speech, he went on a private helicopter ride for $ 10,000 to attend an official engagement in Birmingham.

Prince Harry speaks to the media in Windsor.  Photo / Getty Images
Prince Harry speaks to the media in Windsor. Photo / Getty Images

Months later, Harry traveled by private plane and helicopter to the annual highly exclusive Google Climate Change Summit in Sardinia, the Daily Mail reports.

Then, in the face of media stifling over his Google entertainment, he, Megan and Archie, went on four private flights in 11 days as they flew across Europe, soaking up the sun in Ibiza and southern France.

(In July this year, Norman Baker, a former member of the British Parliament and current secret council member, said he estimated that Sussex’s carbon footprint could be up to 26 times higher than the average British in the 12 months to January 2020, thanks to their 53 international flights, including 18 by private plane.)

In March of this year, the audio of a phone call between Harry and Russian pranks who spoke as climate activist Greta Thunberg was released, revealing the intensity and sense of urgency of his personal feelings: , he has blood on his hands. “

Weeks later, he and Megan are reported to have flown from their Vancouver island hideout to LA Tyler’s Perry in a $ 200 million private jet that is reportedly capable of carrying up to 124 people before moving to its Beverly Hills artificial-Tuscan mansion, which is located on a 14 acre property. .

In June, Prince Harry said, “We are currently experiencing an extinction crisis,” and the following month the Sussexes were photographed leaving the LA dentist’s office and boarding a six-liter Cadillac Escalade SUV with the security team.

Here is the question of Harry’s professional position and decision-making in his personal life.

This discrepancy goes beyond the whole ecological. Note his growing racism in racism in recent months. In July, he said the Commonwealth had to face its history in the fight against racism, and in an interview in October, he said it took him “many, many years” to understand that there was unconscious racial prejudice in society.

However, he never publicly addressed the fact that he had dressed as a Nazi at a formal costume party in 2005, or was caught in a video released in 2009 that caught him calling Sandhurst’s colleague “our little P * ki friend” and joking, that another looked like a “cloth”. (Harry apologized both times.)

During the visit of Prince Harry and Megan Mark during Fiji.  Photo / Getty Images
During the visit of Prince Harry and Megan Mark during Fiji. Photo / Getty Images

The problem here is not the violations of his youth or previous mistakes, but the fact that now, as an informed, passionate adult who is clearly committed to change, he has repeatedly failed to admit his wrong steps.

Likewise, wealth and the ability to afford loss in tens should not mean that a person is automatically deprived of caring for the planet or trying to do something to address the threat of global warming.

However, the public also does not want to swallow the lines of racial justice and the environment that Harry is pushing for at the same time, while sincerely ignoring his difficult past when it comes to these areas.

(Perhaps unsurprisingly, a poll published in July this year found that 66 percent of British adults thought Sussexes were “hypocritical flying.”)

What makes Harry’s blind spot so unsatisfactory in this whole case is that we can all relate to this particular tension between the desires for the comforts of modern life – we all want Wi-Fi, air conditioning and many international flights – while wanting to try. and try to eliminate the environment in Armageddon. She is just a more extreme, pronounced version.

Let’s be realistic: no one expects Harry and Megan to move to a solar-powered yurt, recycle their gray water, and only recruit Archia for recycled hemp. The point here is that Harry, as far as I know, has never truly acknowledged the contradiction between his lifestyle and his work.

However, true leadership requires trust, and trust requires honesty. I know, I know it sounds like the sprout of some dime store Brene Brown, but that doesn’t change the fact that for Harry to truly stand out in his career as a post-royal activist, he needs to come to terms with his past and the contradictions with his The existence of California.

I’m not talking about some kind of self-stamping exercise – it’s not about punishment. The point is that if he really wants to take the lead and take authority, he can no longer keep his head in the sand.

None of these issues disappear, and if the world begins to open up in 2021 and we return to our old habits in terms of international travel, it will only become more of a thorn on Harry’s side.

What is so disappointing about all this is that he has never been a member of the royal family, except perhaps his mother, Diana, the Princess of Wales, with the potential to have a profound impact on the world as Harry. William might one day be king, but outside Britain, does he really have a real chance or is he widely regarded as a leader? My opinion exactly.

Harry does it.

But he will never fully achieve what he is capable of, as long as his adversaries can so easily point to a pronounced cognitive dissonance between his words and actions.

So I hope that the next time Harry sits in his Japanese-style tea house and reflects on life, he decides it’s time to start work. Not just because of him, but because the world needs him right now.

Daniel Elsera is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working with a number of Australia’s leading media names.

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