Wednesday , June 23 2021

"Not yet": American director Spike Lee responds after seeing his name Stan Lee obituary

Remember when the news release was postponed and published by Apple CEO Steve Jobs fiercely, three years before his real death?

Newspapers and media houses have always had a lot of obituaries that are ready in advance because they want to avoid tracking the events of public thought during their denigration.

But nobody wants to read the title page of their first page about their death while they are still alive or not? American film director Spike Lee recently bought a dubious honor to read the news of his death, after the celebrated comic book writer Stan Lee departing on Monday.
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With her heart in the right place Gisborne Herald, a newspaper in New Zealand, mistakenly reminded Spike Lee – The BlacKkKlansman the director
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Image credits: @officialspikelee

"The characters first, the superheroes next: Spike Lee Dies at 95," the title read along with the photo of Stan.

Gaffle was enough to catch the attention of social media, because the good people Twitter shared the newspaper's photo infidelity.

Spike Lee, who is alive and kicking, took the sad news on his step and reacted to it with good humor.

"God bless Stan Lee, me, not yet. And Dat's Da" I'm still alive, and Strivin "" Truth, Ruth. YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF, "the director wrote on his Instagram page.

In response to the gaffe, Gisborne Herald editor Jeremy Muir said Stuff that the error was "really awkward".

"People have a little fun with it. That's fine. It's just really awkward. It's a human error," Muir said.

It is worth noting that before Stan "man" was transformed into one of the most iconic and beloved comic book makers in the industry, Wonder He worked in a newspaper where he helped write dead celebrities who were coming to an end.

Making a look at the American host and comedian Conan O'Brien in 1996, Lee gave a glance at his work as a paid hateful writer.

"When the celebrity dies, about 15 minutes later, the newspaper will come out and have about three pages of notes, and you wonder how they quickly wrote it? It's all in the past," Lee discovered 22 years ago.

And it's true that his darkness is a sense of humor, the genius said he would have his obituary not be a small article, adding that the way he knew he had "finally done it". Although he soon does not want to see, he laughed.

"I would love to think that my obituary is somewhere in the file list. Then I would like to know that I did it. I do not want to see it too soon, but the way I know it, I did it," said James.

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