Monday , February 6 2023

NIWA unveils a $ 23 million supercomputer


The High Performance Computing Facility consists of three new interconnected supercomputers, two in Wellington and Auckland, to meet the needs of New Zealand researchers to study scientific issues of national interest.

"It is a change in scientific work in New Zealand and further progress towards an innovative, forward-looking society," says Dr. Megan Woods, Minister for Research, Science and Innovation.

"Supercomputers are a major upgrade that is 10 times larger than its predecessor's computing power," says Woods, opening up equipment at the NIWA University in Wellington.

"It will have many benefits for scientific research, including better understanding of issues related to climate change, genomics, management of freshwater resources in New Zealand and resilience to natural hazards.

"One of its main objectives will be to improve the weather forecast, allowing it to more accurately predict and help to clarify the extremes of climate and dangerous events.

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