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Melbourne Cup 2018: Kerrina McEvoy Third Cup Winning Cross Counter


Sydney Champion Joker Kerry McEvoy has won the third Melbourne Cup Cross Counter, ending Godolphin's curse on big races and driving home at the historic English trifect in Flemington on Tuesday.

McEvoy could eventually provide Godolphin owner Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum with an indescribable Melbourne Cup after 20 years of frustrated and overwhelmed efforts at the Australian Grand Prix.

"It's a real treasure to win my third blue sky in Melbourne's Sheikh Mohammed because he was very helpful in my career," McEvoy said.

media_cameraKerry McEvoy celebrates the victory of the Kungstein opponent in the Melbourne Cup. Image: Michael Klein

"I went to second place in the Godolphin Cup (Crime Scene, 2009), and I told my wife, Cathy, many times they would win it for one year, and I always hoped that I could win them.

"It's a huge thrill to defeat Sheikh Mohammed's first Melbourne Cup and win the race for the third time." & # 39;

Over the past four weeks, the Sydney Champion Jockey has now traveled to the world's richest turf competition, The Everest and the winners of the world's richest handicap – the Melbourne Cup.

"Yes, I'm very ruined," said the humble jockey. "I get great support from the good courtyards and it's incredible to do work today.

"To win the Everest on Redzel and now in the Melbourne Cup clash in the meter, it's been a year."

media_cameraCross Counter won the jock, Kerrina McEvoya, her third Melbourne Cup. Image: AAP

The Cross Counter ($ 9), prepared by Charlie Applebijs, strongly completed the road center to topple Marmelo ($ 12) along the Arens princes ($ 31), which is two thirds long.

During the November weather, Mebourne was in the worst weather in the morning, reducing the track to the heavy 8, before the sun came out in time for the race that stopped the nation. Flemington had improved to a mild 6 with a Cup time and a huge crowd of 83 471 watched an even more exciting race.

Key aspects include:

# After a 20-year retreat with 27 remains, Godolphin's Sheikh Mohammed eventually secured the race to which it was lit, the Melbourne Cup;

# McEvoy traveled with his third winner of the Cup after previous achievements with Brew (2000) and Almandin (2016);

November 6, 2018. Kerrins McEvoy talks to the media right after winning his third Melbourne Cup. He describes the trip that saw him that he was able to get out of troubles, and over the past couple hundred meters, Cross Counter reacted to the big race. (AAP VIDEO / Alex Murray)

Kerrins McEvoy describes her third Melbourne Cup on the Cross Counter

# Ireland ended in Vintage Crop's historic Melbourne Cup triumph on the 25th anniversary England secured its first win in the tournament with the whole British trifects of the Cross Counter, Marmelo and Arran princes;

# The first Australian trained horse in the finals was Chris Waller Finche in fourth position;

# Waller's Youngstar, the only mare in this field, was the first Australian horse farm in the sixth;

# Favorite Yucatan ($ 6) seems to have all the options before the end of the 11th;

# The Heavy Back Magic Circle ($ 7) was pressed down and ranked 16th;

media_cameraCross Counter moved ahead of Marmelo to win the Melbourne Cup front in front of a huge crowd in Flemington. Picture: Jason Edwards

# Red Cardinal, $ 31, completed last, almost 70 wins behind; and

# Cliffsofmoher broke his shoulder over the winning post for the first time, and it was tragic to die.

Sheikh Mohammed is the world's most powerful owner and he first learned about McEvoy's riding skills in 2002, when the young jockey left for Caulfield one day, including the Dubai Racing Club Cup 1st.

McEvoy went to Godolphin's Beekeeper this year in the Melbourne Cup and once again struck Sheik Mohammed when he drove with Stayer third in the wake of Media Puzzle.

McEvoy and Appleby first met the new Australian rider chosen by Sheikh Mohammed to join his Godolphin for stability in Europe, because it's two Detroit Jackets in France.

media_cameraKerrin McEvoy has long been associated with Godolphin's stability and was delighted to win their first Melbourne Cup. Picture: David Caird

Sheikh Mohammed first spotted McEvoy in 2002 when he went to Caulfield McEvoy, who was already a Melbourne Cup jockey brew at the age of 20 in 2000, on his four winning days, after which he was given the opportunity to go to Godolphin's Beekeeper Race Renovation of 2002.

Then Sheikh offered McEvoy the opportunity to run for his Godolphin stability, and the new Austrian remained there for five years, returned home ten years ago, but not before riding with more than 400 winners, including 10 European Group 1 races.

It was here that McEvoy met Appleby, who then worked on the Godolphin stables.

"Charlie was one of the main boys when I first started at Godolphin in England and I'm known to him because I was there," McEvoy said.

"He helped me settle down when I first went to England and we traveled together for a lot of races, especially in the north of the country. We had a lot of trips, long hours in a car where we would return late in the evening.

media_cameraThe trailer Charlie Appleby and Kerrin McEvoy worked together when the jockey was in England. Image: Jay Town

"So all these years later, it's very special to repay the faith Charlie had in me and won the Melbourne Cup."

McEvoy, who has now won the first group of 70 winners in the career, who calls for the Hall of Fame, said that the competition was not aligned exactly the way he liked it.

"I returned again and they did not hurry very fast when I first escaped this battle," he said.

"Cross Counter was a little interested in the first four furlongs, and it was only until 1400m they started to go pace. Then I got to the best rhythm, though far back.

"After 1000m I was able to get to the back of Yucatan. At this point, I was still traveling well and I thought that Yucatan could take me where I should go.

media_cameraKerrin McEvoy shares his success with his wife Cathy Flemington. Image: Jay Town

But at 500 m, Yucatan began to fight and McEvoy needed to get the Cross Counter out into a clear galloping space.

"Yukatan was emptied a bit and I was left to take me home," McEvoy said.

"I looked up and thought that far from it," I still waited a long way back, but I know that by pretending to be a horse, I asked him to go and fill a ton, which he immediately was very responsive and accelerated.

"I got to 400m and knew that I was about to finish, but I did not know how well my front horses went and how much they left. Then at 250m I thought I had gotten this cover.

"It was that I was going to 100m and I told myself that it really is happening again. What astonishing feeling. & # 39; & # 39;

Appleby: "We sent the right horse"

CROSS Counter takes over training to become the world's oldest winner in the Melbourne Cup in today's era.

Godolphin stayer, three years old in the northern hemisphere, was only at the start of his eighth career and had to overcome the blockage injury that occurred two weeks ago to win the 3200m test in Flemington.

Trainer Charlie Appleby acknowledged that Cross Counter's fetlock problem was a concern, but he felt the young stayer had a fitness base to win the Melbourne Cup.

"We sent a very suitable horse to Australia for the Melbourne Cup," Appleby said.

media_cameraCross Counter won the Melbourne Cup only at the eighth start. Image: Getty Images

"But when the horse had been damaged for two weeks, it's hard to try to instruct the team so far, although I knew that I had a great team led by Chris Connett.

"We make everyday videos and talk about what needs to be done, and I said that Chris does not have to worry because we have a real horse.

"To win the Melbourne Cup, this is a huge team work. Chris and the guys have done fantastic work. We have experienced a few weeks of testing because everyone knows, but it makes you stronger in life."

Applebee is convinced of the horse, who is also convinced that Joey Kerrins McEvoys has moved other bike rides and stayed at the new Engisma palette in the Melbourne Cup.

"My gut was telling me to go with the Cross Counter," McEvoy said.

"Charlie was inconclusive, the little retreat was not an obstacle, and he had a fit horse.

"The style of the Plus Cross Counter called me. He was just a bit ran, but he seemed to have an old head on the shoulder."

Horse racing: English coach, Charlie Applebie has finally split his first Melbourne Cup victory with superb leadership from the English trail Cross Counter

Appleby collapsed for the first win of the Cup

Appleby revealed Cross Counter as a rival to the Melbourne Cup after Gordon Stack won the Gudvuddon record last year's last move.

"The Cross Counter has got a great engine, he's been upturned all year round, and he's the theophilic son, and he showed very good runners in the race," said the coach.

"The horses themselves, we were convinced when we arrived, we had a real horse. He's an easy-framed sucker who's been sucking, so I did not want to get back to him sooner. I learned that I was with Oceanographer and Qewy a couple of years ago." & # 39; # 39;

Appleby felt that European pallets had a strong hand in the Melbourne Cup before the sky opened in Flemington on Tuesday morning.

media_cameraCross Counter led the home of a trilated Melbourne cup trained in England. Image: AAP

"We knew that Europeans had a strong hand in it, but I did not know what to expect when the rain came, because he would never join this place," Applebie said. "Now I can tell you, he likes a bit of juice (on the track).

"It was amazing Carrine's journey and victory, the loss or the accomplishment. I knew that I was a righteous man. When you have a captain, for example, in Kerrins' saddle, he is very confident in the race. He got myself in a nice racing position.

"Turning to his home, he just needed to spot the flaws. When he found them and the horse was clear, but I was not sure, I knew that he would do everything possible as a straight line."

Cross Counter is already set as the $ 15 favorite with TAB Fixed Odds to win the Melbourne Cup next year.

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