Tuesday , May 30 2023

Logitech K810 Multi-Device Keyboard Overview: Only one thing is missing for the convenience of a mobile phone


The Logitech K810 is a compact, six-line QWERTY keyboard that supports Windows 7 and above, Android and Apple iOS. Multi-device keyboards are more luxurious than the need, but if you're so oblique, they can save you on your tablet and mobile phone thumb. It's not a small thing if you regularly work with longer emails and documents on the go.

Logitech obviously believes that you will use it mainly with two mobile operating systems, as it has developed the K810 plan and is easy enough to slip into a laptop bag or wallet. With a screw-down aluminum finish and a laser-waisted button, it is stylish enough to be used on the latest mobile devices.

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Logitech K810 Multi device keyboard on the right Melissa Riofrio / IDG

The K810 laser-cut keys illuminate when your hands touch the keyboard so you can read them better in low light.

You can swipe up to three devices simultaneously with the keyboard. The process is simple: press the Bluetooth connection button that is otherwise inserted at the bottom of the keyboard, and three Bluetooth buttons are activated in the function row. Press one of these, then follow the appropriate instructions to pair it with your computer, tablet, or phone. To switch from connected devices, just press the Bluetooth device that is associated with this device.

K810 writing is pretty enjoyable. The keys are responsive and silent, and their padded surfaces and round corners make it easy to move fingers between them. It also has a special Windows key where you can find it on the computer keyboard and take you directly to the Windows start menu.

The keypad backlight is activated by the built-in motion sensor. When the keyboard touches your hands, the keys illuminate to make it easier to read in low light. The backlight is automatically adjusted according to the amount of light in the room, or you can manually adjust it up or down using the F5 and F6 keys respectively.

Logitech K810 Several devices for the keyboard on the left Melissa Riofrio / IDG

The first three function keys allow you to break and switch between multiple devices using Bluetooth.

For all who would like to, for example, the K810, there are some disadvantages. In particular, it largely guarantees portability by giving up the numeric keypad. If your job involves a large number of cheating, it's probably not up to you.

I'm bothered by the lack of a mobile pivot or other type while you're typing them. This is something Logitech has included with its K780 multifunction keypad and its Keys-To-Go key, and its release is outrageous. I needed to put the mobile device in question against a book or some other object so that the screen could be seen by typing the keyboard – that's an obstacle.

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