Monday , February 6 2023

Li Fan and Lindsey Haswell join the electric scooter start-up lime


Bird, lime, and electric scooter development companies all over the world are facing problems as the micro-mobility room heats up – from skeptical regulators to ignition scooters.

In the case of lime, two women take some of the key decisions on how to deal with these problems, including controlling where you can go with a scooter and where it will not be.

Li Fan is Lime's new engineering director, one of the Pinterest engineer supervisor, and previously Google Image Search. Lindsey Haswell is the new Lime Young General Counsel, a veteran of another mobbing company that focuses on the law: Uber. (Lime also recently brought Paloma Castro Martinez, LVMH, eBay and McDonald's graduates as head of international communications and branding.)

Director of Engineering Li Fan Lime. Credit: Lim

Director of Engineering Li Fan Lime. Credit: Lim

The engineering of lime involves a lot of interaction with the physical world. The fan team is working on the use of app scooter riders, Lime Tracking Tools, which monitors the distribution of the motor fleet as well as their status and charge levels, as well as the Lime hardware team in China and the factory that manages their scooters on the Internet.

But Fan is also the one who will introduce technology that will help tune regulators who do not want to put scooters over their cities. Liepu inžinieri could impose parking restrictions so that it would not be possible to park scooters in disused areas in cities; Determine some speed limits for a part of the city on a scooter (often changing these limits depending on day or night time); and block scooters that violate these rules. In addition to controlling the performance of its scooters, Lime can share anonymous data with city officials covering micro-mobility to help cities understand the types of traffic.

Geosensor of the way scooter driving techniques are used can get into the city block to help cities control scooter traffic.

"I believe that the engineering team can definitely help cities understand and collaborate to find the best settings for these eco-friendly transport solutions," says Fan.

Laima CEO Lindsey Haswell. Credit: lime

Laima CEO Lindsey Haswell. Credit: lime

Kris Davidson © Kris Davidson

This is where Old work overlaps with Haswell. Haswell, who joined Uber in 2015 after the company had reached its later philosophy with regulators, "ask for forgiveness rather than permission", from the outset, forms Lime's approach to city rules and policies. Haswell will be one of the regulators in the industry, which in practice is still less than a year old.

"Good regulation makes it wise for these companies to get started quickly," Haswell said. "The poor regulation in this room is a regulation that simply bans scooters."

To date, Lime has reviewed the transport arrangements in London left before the Industrial Revolution, surfing in San Francisco, and surprisingly welcomed the attitude of major European cities that were hostile to ridesharing.

Further, Haswell and Fan will work on these city-friendly technological solutions, as Lime will expand beyond its current 10 countries and some of the most difficult in the United States, such as New York.

"If we are a volunteer partner in the city, we will be able to find a reasonable land where we really can really improve transport," says Haswell.

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