Monday , March 1 2021

Improve the speed at NVMe speed of Samsung 970 EVO SSD cheaper than ever

If your computer or laptop supports a lightning fast NVMe repository, today is a good day to take one of our favorite SSDs. Amazon sells 500GB 970 EVO M.2 for $ 117. It's about $ 30 cheaper than last week, but $ 26 cheaper than the 500GB WD Black 3D, a competitor with a very small power.

However, donating low performance at a better price, it's quite good, especially if you're talking about SSDs this one fast In April, we reviewed the Samsung 970 EVO and enjoyed the affordable price and speed.

This 500GB write speed slowed down as soon as the cache was output but it should not occur unless you have transferred a huge amount of data. In our tests, after copying a total of 48GB of 20GB of file, there was a slowdown. If you plan to copy 48GB of files all the time, it might be a better deal for WD Black at a higher price. All other Samsung 970 EVO should be more innocent.

The key feature of this drive is the fast NVMe interface, which replaces the traditional SATA III protocol for transferring data. For NVMe to be able to work on a computer, however, you need a rather modern motherboard that supports NVMe. In addition, some of the previous NVMe-compatible motherboards did not let you boot from the NVMe drive, as it was the most advanced technology at that time. These days, the BIOS update has to solve this problem for most people with older components. To find out more, take a look at our long-standing discussions on NVMe issues.

If you can control the NVMe drive, Samsung says that the 970 EVO reading speed can reach up to 3500 megabytes per second. According to our tests, it was more than 3,004 Mbps – still darned impressive, if you believe that Samsung's fast and always-popular 860 EVO SATA SSD adds up to the advertised 550Mbps. If you move a lot of data, an upgrade to NVM is worth it.

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