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Hackers still steal from Christchurch-based Cryptopia, but the police are investigating a $ 23m hunt

Hackers are still more than thousands of New Zealand-based digital currency firms, even though the police are investigating a multi-million dollar cryptographic currency that started 18 days ago.

Unauthorized transfer of the cryptographic currency, which is directed to a "significant amount", was carried out on pages 13-14. In January from Cryptopia of Christchurch.

The exchange went offline on January 15, as the company's chiefs appeared powerless to stop thousands of thousands of thousands of illegal transfers.

While Christchurch detective was invited to investigate the apparent breach of security, Elementus, a block chain infrastructure company based in New York, began its analysis.

It was found that up to $ 23 million worth of cryptocurrency could be stolen, first starting with the morning of January, Cryptopia's two main wallets – one that owned ETH, the other chips.

"The funds were taken from more than 76,000 different purses, none of which were wise contracts. Thieves must have access to not one private key, but thousands of them," Elementus analyst Max Galka wrote on the blog.

But now, even with a "very sophisticated" police probe, hackers still seem to empty their digital money.

Elements in their next week's blog said 1675 ethers out of 17,000 Cryptopia pockets – $ 260,000.

The funds started on Monday morning and continued throughout the day, Elements said.

After initially thinking that it might be Cryptopia, which provided the remaining funds, Elements said it soon "became clear that it was the same hacker".

Blockchain experts concluded that Cryptopia "can no longer control its Ethereum pocket portfolios, and hacker still".

"Hacker has private keys and can withdraw funds from any Cryptopia wallet at will," wrote, adding that, despite the hack, many Cryptopia users continue to deposit funds in their Ethereum pocket.

When asked to comment this morning, the New Zealand police said: "There are no updates or comments we can give about the investigation at this stage."

They have previously used international knowledge to investigate theft, including members of the cryptocurrency trading community.

"This is a very complex investigation involving experts from digital forensics investigators from New Zealand and various overseas jurisdictions, as well as overseas institutions," said the former police statement.

"Positive investigation lines are being developed to determine the source of the transfer."

Members of the investigation team have met with Cryptopia leadership and staff.

At least 3.5 million US $ 13-14 January night hacked is visible in one digital safe.

This exchange freezeed some of the funds sent from the visible wallet to the huge international cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

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