Saturday , April 1 2023

Facebook users collapsed after social media portal


Hashtag #FacebookDown quickly began to spread around the world, with thousands of tweets appearing.

Wired & # 39; s Audience Development Manager, Alex Whitcomb had less than an impression on the explanation of the social media site.

"" Something has happened, "is the poorest thing Facebook can say about the content of its news," writes Whitcomb on Twitter.

Some closed-ended users started preparing for the upcoming regret.

"We are through the sight glass here people!" Sydney Tim Hatfield tweeted.

"Close your relatives".

At the Richard Country Sherriff Department in Colorado, the staff turned to Simpson To put his point of view, placing Homer Simpson's Gifs on the street, wear a poster with the words "the end is near."

Other users favored a break from the site, with one tweeting that it might be "time to return beyond lol."

Users did not have to wait for the site to be up and running again, and news feeds would not be able to refresh late on Sunday afternoon.

The cause of the accident is not yet public. Facebook has contacted the comment.

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