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David Schwimmer's doppelganger charged after a public appeal to launch a virus – 14-Nov-2018

The British authorities say they had been arrested by a member of the David Schwimmer family, whose photo got a virus after being posted on the police's Facebook page last month.

Blackburn police said a 36-year-old man was arrested in western London on Monday night, suspected of being theft.

They claimed he was suspected of accusing beer stealing from a restaurant in a seaside town in northwest England in September.

Following the report on the theft, the police took him to Facebook to go to the community to help identify the man, including a photo taken from video tape recorders.

After being deleted from that time on, the attention was drawn to the fact that it was indicated that the suspect was surprisingly similar to Schwimmer, who is best known for his as Ross Gellar's friends.

It received over 120,000 comments, most of which included references to the popular 90th sitcom.

This division was divided over 65,000 times, eventually reaching Schwimmer, who also got a joke.

A 52-year-old actor intrudes a video of alleged robberies from a store in New York that was viewed more than 9 million times.

After all, the state appeal turned out to be a success for Blackpool Police, which continued to joke, while confirming the arrest of Twitter.

"After the appeal we put in, you are looking for a man who resembles a well-known actor, we now have an update," said force in Twitter.

"Thanks to our colleagues at @MetPoliceUK, a 36-year-old man was arrested at Southall last night on suspicion of theft.

"Thanks for the support @ DavidSchwimmer!"

The Metropolitan Police said they were happy to help by typing "#bethere for you" to Twitter, referring to the song from The Rembrandt's Friends Motifs.


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