Thursday , March 4 2021

Christmas Gift for $ 11 Million New Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal

The project will create very low flood risk roads, expand other roads and improve lighting and safety to connect thousands of passengers from Myrtletown to Baggage Point and Brisbane Center.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said that the remaining 50 percent of the money would be provided at the Brisbane port.

The $ 10.9 million project will allow buses and larger vehicles, most often related to excursions and the cruise sector, to use the road network to connect passengers with hotels and destinations.

Currently, the Pinkenba Road is only suitable for some Luggage Point homes and small businesses.

Some changes have been made since 2016, although the site's work has recently begun.

Cr Quirk said that the job vacancies this week will be coming out, the work will begin in March and will end by the end of 2019.

Road improvement will be completed by the time the new cruise terminal terminal is opened in 2020.

Work is substantially changing at Main Myrtletown Road, Priors Road, Bancroft Road, Brownlee Street, Main Beach Road, and Marine Road at Pinkenba.

"Although the government claims it is our own, we have actually contributed to this project," said Cr Quirk.

"We believe that the Cruise Ship Terminal, which is located away from the grain tanks and which is set up in the area with the largest cruise ships in the world, is a very important step for Brisbane and its future."

Ambassador Amanda Cooper, chair of the Infrastructure Committee, said that Brisbane was Australia's second most visited cruise port after Sydney.

"It seems quite clear that all new (cruise ship) terminals are being built at 270 meters," she said.

Cr Cooper said the road works have reached the network to the level required for the efficient operation of the cruise ship terminal.

"We focus on a number of road sections that lead to a cruise ship terminal to make sure we can expand these narrow sections," she said.

"We need to raise the level in some sections, move some utilities, we need to recover, and we need signals in the future."

The decision on the road project was endorsed by the Council's Labor Opposition.

"We think the new cruise ship terminal is a really important project for Brisbane, and it's great that the Brisbane Harbor is going to implement this project," said opposition leader Peter Cumming.

"It is good that the council is also involved in this. This is an important aspect of the tourism market.

"It's a lot better if it has a special terminal, rather than a big ship to take the port to the grain terminal."

Green Affairs Advisor Jonathan Sri voted against the road project.

"The cruise ship industry itself is incredibly unbearable for the environment," he said.

Cr Sri said that the development of cruise ships could have a negative impact on the coastline of Moreton Bay.

He questioned the potential impact on dugongs, geostation floor and turtles in Moreton Bay and the extent of environmental research under the influence of a potential cruise ship terminal.

The port of Brisbane regularly monitors the waters of Moreton Bay, the Gulf of Riga and the Mangroves as part of its activities.

Tony Moore is a senior reporter at the Brisbane Times

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