Thursday , August 11 2022

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to protect the family-friendly Mall restaurant


TORONTO The answer is that you can not rejoice at all, but Jamie Oliver insists he is trying.

The British celebrity chef says his life will probably be easier if he had embarked on an exclusive, high-end canteen chain.

Instead, the TV star chose a rugged route by traveling the family-friendly restaurant empire containing organic menus. His two Canadian restaurants, Jamie Italians, are located in major Toronto shopping malls that cater for mass tourists, shoppers and families.

"I could open a restaurant that was 30, 40 (diner), very expensive, very high class, and in my opinion you could say it (elite)," Oliver says in a recent telephone interview from London.

"I know that my life would be so simpler and you would be able to throw a one-way line, just as it's great, but I think that the problem of over-supplying the mass market in the price category that can afford it is definitely My intent. I think the middle-market is really interesting. "

Comments show that Oliver's global restaurant chain has misused money as it attracts debts and reduces reserves. At the same time, there have been negative reviews and critical press – especially in the native United Kingdom.

Oliver notes that his audience is "fairly wide ranging from old-age to teenagers," and therefore, in the extensive menu he recognizes, includes concessions, including a separate children's menu. A long-term supporter of a healthy diet says he's usually against the practice of your baby's diet, but notes that the public wants it.

"Would I have done it differently if I started again all over again? I just do not know," he says.

"The question is: What is the right cocktail and can you all like it? And the answer is this: I do not know what the right cocktail is, but we are definitely trying and" is it right for you? "There is always a moving target and a subjective one. But if you go to Yorkdale or one of them (centers), they are beautiful large rooms with gorgeous facilities and a couple of millions of dollars spent precious tiles and lovely chandeliers. Like 110 people work there is quite passionate about the simple comfort of food. "

Simple cooking is the focus of Oliver's latest book Jamie Cooks Italy, which lasted more than two years to collect together and is similar to a series of themed contributors.

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