Thursday , March 4 2021

AurumCoin (AU) blames Cryptopia Crypto Exchange for 51% of the attacks, claiming losses of over $ 500,000

Cryptopia mom for loss of half a million dollars due to 51 Attack AurumCoin claims

The silence is golden, although the gold-backed cryptographic currency would give much more preference to shallow speeches. AurumCoin (AU), a small and largely unknown currency for cryptography, claimed they were the victims of recent 51% of the attacks. They assert that they are losing about 15 7520 AU for the cryptography, the exchange of the currencies of the currencies. That means about $ 500,000 and is definitely a big deal for such a small and upcoming currency. Unfortunately, in the "Shaggy" reminder, "I did not have a maneuver", the cryptographic currency has given up all the blame for Cryptopia.

AurumCoin has stated that they are only an open source currency and thus are not responsible to anyone. On the other hand, cryptography has not even recognized losses.

Who is the key to this story

AurumCoin (AU) claims that it is a golden cryptula, and each of its tokens is tied to a value of 24K gold and has 0.75 grams of gold. Over the past four years, AU has used its block diagram, where the marker has been dug up and has a 300,000 coin hard cover. Interestingly, some of them are a bit skeptical of the crypt. They say that, despite the seeming attraction of gold, it seems that mines have no problem. Also, AU prices have been quite volatile, rising from $ 9.50 to shadow over $ 35 just over a week. It could be expected that the genuine gold supported cryptographic currency is slightly more stable than that.

On the other side is Christchurch, New Zealand-based Kruppija. Founder of Adam Clark and Rob Dawson is a joint cryptographic exchange, trading platform and marketplace. The purpose of the exchange is to facilitate almost any purchase, sale and trade through a kryptvulak. Usually this is considered reliable and is in the top 50 in terms of sales volume.

About 51% offense

A 51% attack occurs when a hacker is able to overcome a cryptographic network with more than 51% of its mass speed. It gives the hacker extensive powers and control over transactions; thus, new business can be stopped or changed, or there may be double costs. Small cryptocultures. are more prone to this type of attack

What happened and what will happen

AurumCoin's market capitalization is around $ 10 million, so it was plum target for this type of malignant behavior. It seems that the hacker first sent 15,752.26 AU to Cryptopia, which was sold to various cryptans. Upon completion of the deal, they were reversed

Cryptology did not recognize any attack on their network, although they confirmed that AU transactions were not processed this month. In fact, the AU's transactions were carried out on a temporary basis in connection with the 'improvement of the infrastructure'.

AurumCoin has had a lot of vocals and issued a statement Aurum coin (AU) network was hacked (51 percent attack), a total of 15,752.26 AU missing in the Cryptopia wallet ( exchange). The Aurum coin network is not responsible for anyone, just like bitcoin network, it's the open source of the common cryptographic currency. Worse still is the fact that cryptographic exchange does not accept it. It's not a way to solve this problem. "

They lacked more detailed information about what they wanted to do in exchange. But the fact is that AurumCoin seems to lack hash rates to eliminate 51 percent of the attack, which in turn paid Cryptopia to lose so much money. If a similar attack took place at Bitcoin Gold recently, exchange Bittrex, simply turn off the crypt. . It feels a bit harsh and bumps the bashing of the victim. This is yet to be verified, as the board itself still needs to tackle all the problems.

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