Thursday , March 4 2021

As fast as its feet can carry it

Fast - centipedes or millipedes?


Fast – centipedes or millipedes?

Centipedes and milipads are creatures with many feet and, without knowing some simple identification facts, it is easy to mix.

Millipedes have a cylindrical body with two legs in one segment, while the centipedes have a curved body with one leg across each segment. Millipeds are slow movements, but centipedes are usually flexible and fast moving.

Given these identification points, it's easy to see that in today's photo you can see two centimeters found in the garden garden.

They are introduced species and only one of at least 3,000 species that are identified throughout the world.

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Locally they are simply referred to as garden parties. They can grow up to 5 cm in length and are very active when interrupted.

Centipedes are predators.

They are able to attack and capture livestock larger than themselves and can do this because they have strong poisons fitted in the segment behind the head. They will take earthworms, roughs and various insects.

The centipede-sized garden species are harmless to humans, but in New Zealand we have much larger native species that can grow more than 15 cm.

This species can cause painful bites.

At this stage, it seems, is not found on the Southern Isle and north of the big specimens are rarely, as they become victims of predators, especially rats, before they can mature.

The new cents have an incomplete number of legs and segments.

These shapes are made with a series of ropes.

Mature garden centipedes are around f14 across the legs.

The careful reader will notice that the upper centimeter in the photograph has lost one leg and several legs are damaged. It is possible that the result of quarter-final wrestling.

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