Saturday , April 1 2023

This fall is the most sunny month


According to Buienradara, the sun was celebrated yesterday evening. If we look at it, we are moving to a record high sunrise since 1959. Then the sun shone 449.2 hours in the autumn (from September 1 to December 1). And we still have no place: even sunny days from now until December 1.

In many places

The record is killing De Bilt, where formal KNMI measurements have been completed, but also in many other places. The record was divided into Kabauw, Deelen, Arcen, Eindhoven, Ell, Gilze-Rijen, Heino, Herwijnen, Hoogeveen, Hopsel, Lelystad, Marknesse, Rotterdam, Schiphol, Westdorpe and Wilhelminadorp.

By the way, 2018 may also be the sunniest year, at least since the measurements began in 1901. At present, the weather is 1993.4 hours in the sun. In 2003, the sun shone at 2,201.7 hours and this record was achievable.

Saul will have another 30 hours to reach the record in the next month and a half. The worst December counted 19 hours of sunshine. If we get another gray month, then every hour the sun cushion will be counted in November.

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