Thursday , August 11 2022

StukTV Thomas van der Vlugt distributes fake news about doctor's diagnosis Now


Thomas van der Vlugt, after a few hours after he stated that he was not working well and that he should use it at a slower rate from his doctor, stated that he was not concerned. StukTV's manager made a joke.

"It's time for me to hold it, but now I have to go slower than the doctor's suggestion." "I've been on my bosom for a long time." Studies show that everything is worse than expected. There will not be a concert or a recording next, and I hope it will soon lead to better news, "said Van Der Vlugt at first in Instagram.

He told his followers that they did not have to worry. A few hours after the release of this report, Van der Vlugt removed the Instagram message and with a new investment he announced that he was only busy with a new record for his YouTube channel.

"It will be great with me, again, apologize for this silly joke," Van der Vlugt writes with his new photo.

Panic Attacks

The 26-year-old Van der Vlugt is near Giel de Winter and Stefan Jurriens, who is the founder and founder of the YouTube channel StukTV. The speaker has always been open about his condition. He spoke in the program at the beginning of this year Exciting for the panic attacks he experiences from time to time. Moreover, he was close to burning.

StukTV has over 1.9 million subscribers and more than 700 million views. On the channel, you can see video clips where men fulfill the tasks they receive from viewers.

The media company Talent Network recently bought a YouTube channel. According to John de Mol, this is the first time a media company in the Netherlands has taken over the YouTube channel. We do not know what the Tank is paying for the video channel.

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