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Stock market: the label emits an apartment AEX | Financial


The AEX index was about 0.15% higher by 522.8 points for about 15.45 hours. The Midcaps were, however, 0.3% lower than 710.3 points. The London Stock Exchange (+ 0.4%) became green, while in Paris (-0.1%) and Frankfurt (-0.02%), it registered slightly lower.

On Monday morning, the US government president, Donald Trump, who said on Friday that China was about to enter into a trade agreement with the United States, was a positive driver for the stock market in Amsterdam. This should take place at the end of next week when Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping met at the G20 summit in Argentina.

"Trump has enough businessman to enter into a deal with China. It's not without a fight, but the outlook is positive," said capital strategist Joop van de Groep (Fintessa). Investors are also affected by Brexit and the Italian budget this week.

According to Van De Groep, the financial markets also closely monitored signals that the Federal Reserve, the US central bank system, plans to implement a more cautious interest rate policy. "The pressure on the Fed to rise in interest rates is falling sharply. At the same time, Fed may be more prudent than economic growth next year. Despite all the current uncertainties, somewhat higher growth coupled with low interest rates may be a good environment for equity investments."

In Japan, Nikkei Index hit 0.7% on Monday. In particular, microchip companies were launched. Wall Street held in the afternoon by 0.2% to 0.4%. On Thursday, New York Stock Exchanges are celebrating Thanksgiving. On Friday, Wall Street is open for lunch.

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Lampmaker operated by AEX To express (+ 2.4%) list of winners. ABN Amro received 1.5%. On Friday, following the decision to simplify group structure, the banking group continued to have a stable negative performance. According to Het Financieele Dagblad (FD) ABN Amro Group of Senior Managers has again written an anonymous fire letter. Authors ask for official reporting status so they can talk to her about problems at the bank without fear of repression.

ASR (+ 1,9%) was also positive. The insurer wants to extend the board of directors on February 1 with a third appointed official. Therefore, the group believes that it can also act more decisively for potential purchases. ASR is currently wary of competing with Vivat and the APY subsidiary of Loyalis.

Beer base Heineken was worth 1.4% more. Business Times The Economic Times reported their takeover Unilever and announces that Nestlé is still taking part in the race for the acquisition of Indian daughter from GlaxoSmithKline. Coca-Cola would have stopped fighting. Unilever increased by 0.1%.

Chip machine giant ASML On Monday morning, for the first time, a strong recovery came after a downward movement that affected the fund for months. The initial price increase decreased by almost 2% to a loss of 0.8%. Stock market weight Royal Dutch Shell (-0.4%) suffered from lower oil prices.

Altice Europe was at the bottom of the AEX index, decreasing by 2.6%. Cable and telecommunications service provider is coming on a Wednesday night with quarterly figures. Special chemical group DSM was 1.2%.

Midcup was a bedding trader Flow Traders (+ 4.1%) is the largest riser. Chip supplier ASMI (+ 0.9%) is also successful. Fertilizer manufacturer OCI (-3%), on the other hand, was the largest drop among midcaps.

Distributor and wholesaler B & S Group sales volumes increased in the third quarter and, by the same token, have a good starting position for a strong second half. Specific numbers are not given. ING spoke about strong indicators. The share decreased by 0.2%.

Handelshuis Pon has further increased interest in Accell's bicycle company. On Friday, Pon bought nearly 447,000 shares on the stock market, on average, 19 euros for each. This means that the company already owns 18.6 percent of Accell. Pon's goal is a maximum of 20 percent. Accell registered 0.2% higher.

Retail Property Fund located in Brussels and Amsterdam Retail properties (+ 3.9%) came on Friday with games. In the first half of the reporting year, it saw that rent income increased by 28 percent to 46.4 million euros. KBC Securities concludes that the company is rapidly developing in the Netherlands.

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