Friday , June 9 2023

Stock market: AEX looks like Shell's Financial side


The AEX index was 0.3% higher than 5% in the quarter to three 523.17 points. The AMX index fell by 0.6% to 749.67 points.

Elders Europe had a small profit in stock markets. Dax in Frankfurt grew by 0.2%. Paris increased by 0.1%.

"It's tedious to trade, a typical Monday," concludes Frank Bonsee, a merchant of ABN Amro. "Slowly optimism is coming back given the pros, although investors are not trustworthy."

Investors are hoping for a US mid-term election. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve will meet, inter alia, with interests. Bonsee: "Investors have few business figures and quite a few clouds. It may turn out to be wrong again, this recovery may also be a technical recovery."

Larry Kudlov, White House Economic Advisor, told CNBC that the trade agreement with China will be much more optimistic. President Trump mentioned a "long and good" talk with Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jiping. He condemned the US protectionism this weekend, he reported that the Chinese market is continuing to open.

The US ten-year rate dropped to 3.2%. The euro is stable slightly against the $ 1.1397.

Vopak leads

Vopak Withdrawal in major funds with a price increase of 5.1%. Sincerely received the report of the tank storage company, which will save significantly higher turnover in the coming year and offer a profitable dividend profit. NIBC called the results "good".

TAC followed by a distance of plus 2%, followed by a good atmosphere in other European telecommunications companies. In response to higher oil prices, a profit of 1.5%, RD Shell positively influenced AEX's progress.

Beer base Heineken (+ 0.2%) paid US $ 1.9 billion to 40% of the largest breweries in China, CR Beer.

After a stress test banks stayed standing. KBC foresees it ING will significantly increase the number of loans issued. It increased its advice on the recent attack on the bank to "buy" at a price target of 13.50 euros. Kepler Chevreux confirmed his advice without making a purchase. The share of banks was slightly higher.

Real Estate Fund Unibail Rodamco was 1% after Morgan Stanley's price cut.

When medium-sized funds are left PostNL see a very bad picture during the day. The price of a postal and packet company dropped by 3% at around noon. 14.30 after it was observed at the beginning of the trade. PostNL reported an increase in the number of postal items already known (-12% letters) and postal items. KBC believes that the result was higher than expected.

TomTom claimed a loser list (-4%) after having done a great business a week earlier as a navigation specialist buzzed speculation on take-over. ASMI after a good number of events a week ago fell by 3.6%.

Intertrust (Onv.) I want to place bonds in the amount of EUR 500 million. Maker BAM (+ 3.5%), which was quoted on Thursday, took a leading role.

The second official lost his local funds DPA 3.3%. It announced higher sales and lower net profits, and already felt the lack of highly skilled professionals.

Alfen won 5%. Discussions about a possible exchange on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange after reports Merger market.

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