Thursday , March 4 2021

Rhinopneumonia in the municipality of Hardenberg – Hoefslag

The neurological form of rhinopneunomy has been observed in the municipality of Hardenberg. At the same time, one horse is destroyed, two horses with symptoms are stable.

The immediate environment is informed

Horses in the barn can leave space for the next few weeks. No horses are allowed outside. Horse accommodation in the immediate vicinity and stability contacts are aware of the situation. The horses are checked daily by the veterinarian.

Rhinopneumonia (EHV1)

The Animal Health Service (DG), following a study, confirmed that this site is rhinopneumonia (EHV1), a viral infection that can manifest itself as cold symptoms, abnormalities and / or neurological symptoms.

Rhinopneumonia is a common disease in Europe. An important preventive measure is to prevent contacted horses from direct contact with other horses. Horse pollution is through the respiratory tract. In addition, the virus can also be transmitted by people with clothing and hands. Vaccination helps to reduce the infectious pressure in the horse population, but does not directly protect against the neurological form.

Keeping a separate group of horses (young horses, pregnant mares and sports horses) keeps the male from spreading. If you suspect your rhinoplasty horses, you should consult a veterinarian.

Source: Press Release Sector Council Horses

Photo by Remco Veurink

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