Saturday , June 10 2023

Police are dug up at 9:00 pm, since Wiley Dostas was missing since 1992


Willeke Dostam was 15 years old when she disappeared from the ground on winter night in 1992. The girl had a dramatic childhood; She lost both parents in a traffic accident before her first birthday.

She then stayed with relatives, foster families and various shelters.

Cold case team

Her disappearance has never been resolved. The case is handled by the cold case team. Every time thereafter, research continues. For example, in 2010, foster family farms were still looking for. In that year, under the auspices of her mother and brother, they suspected that they would disappear. They were arrested, but then released again.

Village-mate Ab Bruintjes lives in Koekange, and in all these years he worked closely. In his eyes, there is now a very suspicious location in the picture, where there may be a missing teenage body: behind a foster family holding a teenager. "Finding a dog from the Signi Search Dog Fund is excited because they smoke human air and disturbing them on the ground."

This place was already known to the police, and in 2017 the expert assessed earth radar images. On this basis, it was decided not to engage in digging. Last week the police returned to the spot again. Additional interviews were conducted with witnesses and land radar images were revised.

"Events Occurred"

"On this basis, and due to the riots in Koekange and its surroundings, the police and the prosecutor's office have decided to dig," the police wrote.

Tomorrow it will be clear whether the mystery associated with the disappearance of Vileka will continue to exist or her body will be found: the police will start digging from 9:00 to the plot Koekanger Dwarsdijk. "The goal is to find out if there are any indications that make clear the disappearance of Willeke Dost or completely exclude the fact that the piece contains references," the police wrote.

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