Monday , October 3 2022

North Korean forced labor announced against Dutch company Now


A North Korean employee who worked at the Polish shipyard filed a declaration against a Dutch shipyard who had built ship hulls there. The company was aware of poor working conditions, which seemed to be slavery, says a man.

Advocatenkantoor Prakken D & # 39; Oliveira, representing a North Korean man, announced on Thursday a statement announcing his statement.

For many years, North Korea has been working for the Polish company Crist S.A., a major European shipyard. The Dutch company has been building and repairing shells even after it became known that North Korean workers working on this site had to do it in a low and dangerous condition.

Studies carried out by the Polish Labor Inspectorate showed that the shipyard's safety and health regulations were systematically ignored, which, among other things, would have caused fatal accidents.

The North Korean declarant claims that he had to work twelve hours a day in insecure conditions. Most of his salary would go directly to North Korea.

According to the statement by Prakken D & # 39; Oliver, the Dutch company's name is not mentioned in the statement, so as not to compromise the Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) in any criminal investigation. The declarant's name is turned off to ensure his safety is not compromised.

"North Korea is the largest illegal employment agency in the world"

"This statement, which focuses on labor exploitation in this chain, brings a clear, clear message about multinationals that benefit from forced labor that this practice can have serious legal consequences," said Gearóid Ó Cuinn, Director of the Global Legal Action Network, a human rights organization. . "This case reminds us once again that more needs to be done in Europe,
as well, slavery is flourishing. "

The dictatorial North Korean regime sends workers to dozens of countries around the world, where they use dirty cheap labor. Recent studies have calculated that the total number of North Korean forced workers abroad is 150,000. Often, they are forced to work and live in shameful conditions, which is actually slavery.

Professor of Korean Studies at Leiden University, Remco Breuker, conducted research on North Korean forced labor. He calls North Korea "the largest illegal employment agency in the world".

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