Monday , March 1 2021

New Land MP does not want "loser flight"

If it happens in Pieter van den Hoogenband, the offender's "losers" flight will be canceled during the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The new head of mission says that he will struggle with great efforts after his arrival on Tuesday.

Two years ago in Rio de Janeiro, a former 40-year-old former swimmer who was upset was worried about timely sending athletes and not getting a medal.

Van den Hugenband saw on Tuesday The world is workingin which he was a guest, the characters of the athletes who had returned early, and his stomach turned around again. The new head of mission, who broadcast an improvised press conference: "I want to avoid coming at home to athletes who have been trained for many years. I'm looking for a solution to this relief flight."

It took some time, but after careful conversations about his financial compensation, Van den Hoogenband could ease his leadership. He was asked by technical director and outgoing chef, mission Maurice Hendrick last summer, but the decision to take a syrup on a sports umbrella, NOC * NSF, was completed only this week.

Van den Hugenband in his new role will to a large extent be in line with Hendricks' line. The Technical Director has been working intensively for the "Tokyo" for two years already. He says the new cook mission does not think it's a problem. "Since I have agreed on a good division of tasks with Hendrik, but also because I believe in his vision, he eventually made a significant contribution to the highest Dutch top-level sport."

The Triple Olympic Champion believes his main role is to create an environment for athletes in which they can operate smoothly. If necessary, a shoulder or inspirational name, but especially as little as possible. Van den Hoogenband wants to inspire, as he was inspired by Suriname swimmer Anthony Nesty when he won American Matt Biondi. Or, as a cyclist, Tom Dumoulin once gave him inspiration from the two gold medals won by Van den Hoogenband in Sydney.

As a top priority, the new chef sees the mission of prompt treatment of athletes and coaches. "They should always find me."

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