Monday , February 6 2023

Michella Kox throws a ring in a towel for Entertainment


Finally, we could Michella "Revenge" for the fact that Amanda Balk they called her bad mother eight years ago. But this vengeance turned out to be temporary. Immediately after the first round, Kok decides to stop, which was automatically won by Amanda.

Before the battle, the hostility between the two is almost gone. As a presenter Olcay Gulsen asking them why they hate each other, it soon becomes clear that Blok does not feel at all. Michella also weakens things. "I do not like what she did eight years ago."

However, it seems that it can be exciting. Women ignore all the rules and even stop the judge. When the first round is finally over, Michella is ready. "I have no conditions," she concludes.

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