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LIVE: The Royal Family travels through Amersfoort Interior

Over a kilometer walk, the city of Piet Mondriaan and the councilor Johan van Oldenbarnevelt introduces himself to his birthday king and his companions. They are presented with theater, music and stories.

The route leads from the more than 500-year-old former monastery of Mariënhof to Kleine The Hague to Eemplein, where after the royal visit the party begins with performances by artists such as Maan and Jan Smit.

Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren (aka "Lange Jan"), the king and his family meet hundreds of "nice women" who care for others, such as volunteers or caregivers. In the future, they can watch freerunners, street football players, dancers and basketball players, and the Dutch Opera Opera takes a short stage.

Willem-Alexander last week 52. The visit to Amersfoort is expected to last until noon.

Review by Pieter Klein Beernink follows the tour. Follow the updates below.

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