Monday , June 5 2023

Jamai Loman and a young niece


Jamai Loman says that it was hard for him in the afternoon. Due to kidney failure, a singer often needed a new dip. "There was an urgent need: I had to really test if my body could be transplanted, from blood test to bone testing, but all potential donors had to be tested both physically and mentally." Finally, it turned out to be peaceful with my brother and the light turned green. "

Therefore, Jama completed a heavy operation about a month and a half ago. "With great pleasure, I can say that the transplant is over, after a month and a half I was successfully transplanted."

Instagram also allows the singer to know how it is now with her. He is very grateful to all of his fans, but most of all my dear brother who gave his kidney, "he writes to the post." From now on, I'll take the thread again and I'm very happy! "

Jama has a feeling now that the whole world could come back. "I can do everything that everyone else does, but I do not want to drink until 6 am, so I do not think it's a good idea to go to Lil's cafe.

The manager tells the radio operator, Ruud de Wild, very carefully. "I can do it again, but it's all about whether I'm going to go in. I've become very careful if you have something so serious when you suddenly depend on dialysis, then you'll be shocked." Marathon, but in my opinion is not reasonable. "

Jama explained that he was never afraid that his kidney problems would cause him to die. "I never thought I was going to die, no, doctors said very quickly: your kidneys are sick, not you, and we can solve it using dialysis and graft."

Jama says she wants to come back to work again. "I still can not give a concert an hour and a half, but I can fight it again, fortunately I'm already scheduled to speak, and in January I'll make a voice again."

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