Sunday , January 29 2023

Due to Myanmar photo, Ryanair places employees on the street


Ryanair has been attacking for months because of bad terms and conditions. It seems that the airline has forgiven six employees to spread a fake photo.

Reputation damage

In the photo, you see that six Portuguese workers are sleeping in the Spanish workers' room in Malaga. According to the signature, the staff of the airline leaves their fate. The photo was posted on a Facebook account that was critical of Ryanair on October 14th.

According to Ryanair, the photo was placed on stage. The price fighter thinks that the photo is responsible for reputation damage. Previously, Ryanair has already distributed a photo and video showing that the photo was inserted in a scene view. The company has stated that nobody is lying on the floor and that employees have suffered from this trust.

Ryanair disagrees

"The crew members spent some time in the staff room and then moved to the VIP salon. The next day they flew to Porto, "the company says on the BBC.

The Portuguese aviation personnel trade union SNPVAC has already said that it does not agree with the Ryanair lecture. Staff are accommodated from 01:30 to 06:00 in the staff room, where there are almost no places for rest, and were only placed in the VIP hall at noon. 6:00.

In particular, in the social media, the photo was widespread and caused a lot of noise. The photo shows how poor Ryanair's working conditions are.

It is not yet known whether the photo is real or false.

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