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Chocolate bars on request: from expensive "single origin" to 100 percent cocoa


Chocolate, for example, is gum, oil or lemon. Some varieties of beans or special cocoa "property". All this is possible, because, like wines, a piece of chocolate with spices.

Taste: from citrus to oil

They therefore use the flavor wheel of the Amsterdam factory "Chocolateakers". It helps to identify the varieties of varieties that are made here. What can you enjoy and what not?

The owner of Enver Loke uses an aromatic wheel to heat the chocolate. Flavors can range from citrus fruits to peppers and whiskey to something unobtrusive like gum, oil or grass. "If the chocolate has the taste of the bottom of the wheel, then it's not really good, bad chocolate sometimes burns (bottom to left) or acid (bottom to right)."

100 percent cocoa

Chocolate producers work at a small factory in Amsterdam. The company completely burns cocoa beans. Lock: "Big businesses like Cargill and Nestlé first break them down, we think you'll clean up the tastes, and what we're doing takes a long time, but you can also enjoy it."

The company produces chocolate bar with a percentage of cocoa, which reaches 80 percent. According to Paul Won Dijk of Chocolate Suppliers, a website with mostly better quality bars, purity and purity is indeed a trend.

"With 100 percent sales of cocoa bars, we are particularly boosting with us, but the good thing is that you use cacao of better quality, such as from Ecuador."

Nutti beans

Adil Chaudry from the chocolate store Chocolatel in Amsterdam also sees increasing interest in non-traditional cocoa bean bean chocolate.

"Not in West Africa, but in East africa, Tanzania, for example, you do not see interesting cocoa: people want a chocolate to be of a unique origin, which has a strong taste and made by a craftsman, and its taste can vary greatly from one country to another. more fruits that are stripped of Mexico. "

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Much more expensive

According to Chaudry, there are many Dutch bean-to-bar producers who are very consciously related to the type of cocoa beans and where they came from.

They buy directly from cocoa growers or cooperatives and deliberately skip trading as well as trade in fair trade. "It's not far enough: the fair trade chocolate bar is 3 to 5 percent more expensive, so the" bean to bar "bar, which is directly purchased from the farmer, is often 35 to 45 percent more expensive."

Act directly

With direct action you can pay more attention to the quality of cocoa production, working conditions, and the manufacturer definitely knows where the cocoa comes from. Thus chocolate is in a good price.

Prices in Chaudry store go from five to twenty euros per bar 70-90 grams. "There are more and more nice and quality producers in the Netherlands, so I say: you do not have to go to Belgium for a really delicious chocolate, now from the Netherlands."

The best beans

The type of cocoa beans is also important for chocolate quality. The best beans are Criollo. This advantage is that chocolate gives a much more intense taste and you can enjoy it with a flavored wheel.

The problem is that the Criollo tree is very fragile, so it needs to be careful and therefore expensive. Only five percent of cocoa beans are of the Criollo type.

Large chocolate mass, which is 80% of the world's produce, is produced by Forastero beans. Forastero is much more powerful, requiring less maintenance, and is mainly produced in West Africa, where farmers simply have to choose and do not have to worry about it.

The disadvantage is that the taste is much superficial. m, to make it better, mix with Criollo. The third is Trinitario. Trinitario is a crossover of two other types of cocoa.

It has inherited all the best of the good: the beans have a good, complex Criollo cocoa flavor, but cocoa wood – like Forastero – is less susceptible to diseases and environmental influences. However, this species accounts for about 15 percent of total cocoa production.

Chocolate milk "mature drink"

Chaudry from Cocolat welcomes the growing attention to chocolate quality. And not just in your store.

"Hospitality companies want to offer better chocolate, such as the hot chocolate brand, and sales rose by 150 percent last year, and I'm not talking about quality Nesquik, which is really an adult drink."

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