Tuesday , August 16 2022

Brenda responds to criticism from Anouk: “I myself would not have done it” Entertainment


Anouk was the only coach who did not turn, but really wanted to say his name. That’s what she thought Brenda too many techniques were “pumped” into one song and that it was therefore “tired”. On Show news Brenda says she understands Anouka’s criticism, but she was only given a minute and a half to do so and therefore wanted to give it all up.

At the moment chosen by the brand, Anouks managed again. The judge said Brenda spoke “too much”. Jan Smit stood up for Brand, but Anouks made her shut up. “I thought it was really nice that he stood up for me,” Brenda says of this remarkable moment. “I think it’s special that she reacted that way.”

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