Tuesday , February 7 2023

Bovag concessions to work on Saturdays, technicians stop


Automobile company seminars are being held in various places in the country because of disputes. Engineers are acting because they do not want them to work on Saturdays.

According to Bovag, whose conversation on behalf of garage owners, Saturday was a normal working day. Employers initially closed a collective agreement with this requirement. Due to the threat of the situation, Bovag met trade unions last night. The requirement for compulsory labor was denied, but employers would like the mechanics to participate voluntarily on Saturdays more often

The Bovag step is not a reason for FNV Metaal to unleash planned strikes. "They are waiting for us, but they also bundle new requirements," says FNV Director Albert Kuiper. "Saturday's work seems to be mandatory."

Tough point

It surprises employers that operations will continue as usual. "Before the ultimatum, we found a very difficult point from the table, but apparently this was not enough for the unions," says Bowback Paul de Waal.

The trade union will have the next few weeks you-know-never-when-strikes planned in different garages. Today it is interrupted by garages in Nieuwegein, Groenlo and Assen.

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