Wednesday , February 24 2021

Bosz rejected the Premier League offer: "This man did not understand it at all"

The Dutch club is the "logical" Peter Boss as the next step in his career. This is said by an unemployed coach in a conversation with Voetbal International. Bosz has been at home since his departure from Borussia Dortmund.

"Working in one of the great soccer countries would be great, Germany is very beautiful, England is beautiful, I like Spain, it's interesting France, Italy is also developing, but if it offers a prospect to do so," he says.

"I do not think the Dutch club is logical, I do not think there's a Dutch club I can go to," continues Bosz, who this year got an opportunity to start working in England. He refused.

"In January, the chairman of the Premier League club called: we are about to throw out our coach, and we want you to take over. I answered: I am honored, but I think you've been calling the wrong one. "

The coach carefully explained that he was "not a real man" to work for the downward candidate. "The man did not understand it at all, I could work for the Premier League club, and I laid it at me, but it just was not energy."

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