Monday , March 1 2021

Ajax opens office in New York: "a logical and necessary step"

12:22 – Ajax confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that it has opened an office in the United States. From the new office in New York, the Amsterdam Club will take action in North America. Ajax calls for an expansion "a logical and necessary step, given the growing number of activities in this part of the world."

Ajax opens office in New York:

The Ajax press release reports that Amsterdam is inextricably linked to New York, partly due to the historic connection chosen for this North American city. With the office Ajax thinks to reach even more fans. Eredivisie's fourth number is also expected to attract companies and clubs in the United States.

This year, Ajax has already started a partnership with clubs in China, Japan and Australia. "To be structurally part of the European (sub) top, we need to create new sources of income for which we need to be innovative and think internationally." This move to New York is an example, "says Myja Jeleen, commercial director of Ajax. .

Edwin van der Sar explains office choice in New York. "The development in the United States, where football is becoming more and more popular, has encouraged us to explore this market more closely, which corresponds to our strategy, which crosses our borders more and more. The name of the football scene and the name of the club is becoming more and more recognized, which gave us the basis for a structural presence. in this market. "

"As we prepare for the second half of the season, we deliberately chose the United States, because the Florida Cup offers us a great platform for this growth market, and opening an office is an important precondition for having two against Sao Paulo FC and Flamengo. We reach millions of fans and, structurally, in neighboring countries, we can continue to achieve this and, hopefully, help the football stars to develop. "

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