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Why are some people always hungry?

This is a common phenomenon: we have just finished our plate, which seems to be our stomach. Then we go to unprepared. Researchers at the Louvain Catholic University have found that overweight people will not feel comfortable with reduced enzyme activity in the intestine, as reported by RTL yesterday.

Researchers conducted an experiment with mice to see the effect of this enzyme on the human body. They discovered that in mice that no longer had an enzyme called NAPE-PLD, the fatty liver developed in the gut. "If we discover these mice (without this enzyme) with a high-fat diet, they can't stop eating fatty foods, and so eat more than regular mice receiving the same fat food."to explain to researchers. As a result, when mice no longer have this enzyme, they become obese and consume less energy.

No sense of satiety

The same thing happens to people. When our metabolism works properly, when we eat, this famous enzyme gives our brain a signal to stop eating. But if it does not work well, the intestines no longer send a signal to the brain and therefore overweight people continue to eat.

In Belgium, one in five people in Belgium suffers from obesity. The results of this study provide new insights into the treatment of obesity. The researchers found that the administration of Akkermansia to mice allowed regulating the effect of this enzyme on the brain.

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