Monday , March 1 2021

"We could be heroes", documentary Hind Bensari is broadcast for 2 months on Sundays at noon. 21:30

We Can Be Heroes won the "Best International Documentary" Grand Prix Toronto Hot Docs and is currently nominated for the Academy Award. This is the first time Moroccan documentary wins its awards.

We could have heroes shot dead for 4 years. Since the movie's creation, there have been four years to capture the key moments of Safi's youth with the integrity of everyday and extraordinary routine that dreamed of a world that exceeds the city's obstructive boundaries. The four years of the film's crew, as well as the personal sacrifice, joy and tear of their subjects, are proud of the public.

Loyating poetry and politics, we can be Heroes, again fighting for the double paralympic champion Azzedine Nouiri for a better Morocco, where he and his brothers and sisters with disabilities could live up to dignity. This is not a film about disability, but what Morocco can offer its young people who want to get there.

We can be heroes a mild journey to the center of all of us: hope.

The preview of the movie "We Can Be Heroes" was held on November 13, 2018 in Casablanca in the presence of the Olympic Champions, and the documentary will be broadcast on Sunday, November 18 at. 21:30 at 2m

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